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3 Easy Ways to Survey Your Website Visitors

3 Easy Ways to Survey Your Website Visitors

websitefeedbackcollectorWhether you’re trying to improve the customer experience on your website or learn more about your site visitors, the quickest way to get the feedback you need is by hosting your surveys directly in your website.

But don’t you need an engineering background to do that? No, no you don’t. That’s because our new and improved Website Collector makes it even easier for you to install, update, and customize your respondents’ survey-taking experience on your website.

Whether you want your survey to be a permanent part of your site or you want to set your surveys to pop up in a window, all you have to do is create a survey in your SurveyMonkey account—then just copy/paste a small bit of code into your web page. No engineering background required!

And the best part? Once you’ve got the survey code in your site, any changes you make to a survey in your account will go live the minute you hit Save.

There are three ways you can use surveys on your website. We’ll walk you through the how (and why) of the Embedded Survey, Popup Invitation, and Popup Survey so you can start collecting feedback right away.

Option 1: Embed a survey into your website

If you want to ask your website visitors for their opinions without interrupting their browsing experience, it’s a good idea to embed your survey into your website. By placing the survey directly into your web page, you provide an excellent mechanism for collecting website bug reports, encouraging newsletter or email list signups, and hosting Contact Us or customer service request forms.

To embed a survey into your website, go to the Collect Responses tab and click the +New Collector button at the top right. Then select Website Collector from the drop down menu.

Here’s where you’ll see three options for your Website Collector. Choose Embedded Survey:


You’ll be prompted to customize options like number of responses per computer, whether or not you want your respondent to be redirected to a Thank You Page, and more.

Then you’re given a small piece of code:


Just copy/paste the code into your website where you’d like the survey to appear. And next time you load your website, your survey will show up exactly where you want it. Take a look at the live survey below—we embedded it into this blog post just for you. (Go ahead–take our survey!)

Create your own user feedback survey

Option 2: Invite your website visitors to take your survey

Embedding your survey into your website is great when you want a seamless browsing experience for your website visitors. But not everybody who visits your website will come across a survey you embed into a particular page. Face it: If you’re running a quick poll or hoping to get your Net Promoter® Score, sometimes your survey needs a little boost to get in front of your visitors.

That’s when the Popup Invitation comes in handy. The Popup Invitation is just what it sounds like—it’s a module or window that pops up on your website, inviting your website visitor to take a survey.

The Popup Invitation helps you ensure that all of your website visitors have an equal chance of opting into your survey—rather than those who just happen to come across your survey embedded into a particular page.

All you need to do to get started is create a new Website Collector and select Popup Invitation. You can customize your invitation to adjust for height, width, and colors, just to name a few. And you can adjust the Sample Rate to randomly select a percentage of users who will receive your survey invitation while they’re on your website:


After you’re done creating the perfect invitation, copy/paste the code to your web page or script management tool. Once the code has been added, your visitors begin seeing the invitation at the Sample Rate you specified.

Option 3: Have a survey pop up in your website

Last but not least is the Popup Survey. Much like the Popup Invitation, the Popup Survey provides a direct method of getting in front of your users. You can have this survey pop up based on your website visitor’s behavior or an action (like adding an item to their cart or canceling a subscription) to get targeted, real-time feedback on your website or product.

Creating a Popup Survey follows the same pattern for creation as the others. Simply create a new Website Collector and select the Popup Survey option to get started.

Just like the Survey Invitation option, once you’ve customized the Theme, Sample Rate, and collector Options, you can copy/paste the code into a page on your site. Just make sure to insert it right before the </body> tag in your HTML, and when your visitors perform a certain action (like visiting a particular blog post in this example) a survey will pop up just like this:


As you can see, adding feedback surveys to your website is a breeze as long as you can copy/paste. And if you’re worried about ad blockers, don’t be. Our Javascript is supported by the most popular plugins, including AdBlock Plus. Happy surveying!

How will you use the new website collectors? Have any questions for our experts? Let us know in the Comments below.

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  • Egor Orekhov

    “But don’t you need an engineering background to do that? No, no you don’t. That’s because our new and improved Website Collector makes it even easier for you to install, update, and customize your respondents’ survey-taking experience on your website.”

    This “new and improved” collector doesn’t support custom variables on Platinum account.
    Such sudden and unannounced loss of functionality can break down some working systems.
    It would be better if you had announced this change some time ago. Or leave old-style website collector working for some time with mark “deprecated”.

    Any of this two ways can help to migrate existing and working systems without unexpected crash…

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Egor,

      Our apologies for any confusion surrounding this. Custom variables are meant to be used on Web Links only, but it seems that they were passing through for some w/ the Website collector. You can still use Custom Variables and embed your survey by using a Web Link collector and and use HTML to create an iFrame. Again, sorry about the confusion here. Hopefully that will be an easy enough work around for you and you can still get those Custom Variables to be aligned with your survey!

  • Rohan Manohar

    If we use “Option 3: Have a survey pop up in your website”, are we limited to one question or more? How many questions can we ask?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Rohan-

      You can design your survey anyway you’d like, and it will appear as such within the embedded pop-up collector. With that being said, since this does display in a small box, we suggest limiting the pages of your survey and only putting 1-2 questions per page. Here’s more about this collector type:

      Hope that helps!

  • Nikita Ovcinnikov

    Is this a paid option if you are not on premium? And how exactly do you access it?

  • Sam Gering

    Is there a way to set a pop up survey to display after a certain amount of time? or possibly a certain number of pages viewed?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Sam-

      Unfortunately the pop-up collector doesn’t have these advanced settings at this point in time. However, we are working on advancing it’s abilities. We’ll be sure to pass along your feedback!

  • Jan

    I have several friends who would like to join survey monkey to do your surveys. How do that join? How do I change the group I support?

  • Dana Jordan

    Is there any way to send a follow up survey to customers that have ordered from our online store hosted by Big Commerce?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Dana-

      Great question. We offer a few different options for you to survey your customers after they’ve ordered from your online store. As this blog shows, you can embed a survey directly to the landing page that your shoppers go to once they’ve placed an order. Alternatively, if you collect the consumer’s email address, you can manually create an Email Invitation. You can also simply paste a Web Link to your website. If you use Salesforce, we offer an app with them as well. For all of these collection options, kindly visit:

      We hope that helps out, Dana!

  • Nathan Botts

    If our site is using SSL will the survey response be secured as well?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Yes! And we secure surveys vis SSL as well.

  • Tyro Payments

    Hi there!
    Is it possible to host a self-assessment survey on our webpage that generates an instant result for the user eg: Are you a good boss? or Is your business healthy?
    The idea is to create value for site visitors by providing a self-assessment test which produces an answer or recommendation.

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Tyro-

      Great question. We currently do not have a “test” functionality in SurveyMonkey (but we are working on it!) You can definitely use our Instant Results feature which will display the data the respondent, and others, reported when they finish the survey. Note this isn’t available on our Embed collector, but you can use it for a Web Link that is posted to your page! Here’s more:

  • Jennifer Byrne

    Will the pop ups work on mobile devices or tablets?

  • rodgerrn

    will you still get surveys that are not on your list

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Sorry Rod- we’re not too sure what you mean?

  • thecodezombie

    I’m struggling to use these pop-ups in a way that isn’t annoying to the visitor.

    We’d like any visitor to the website – regardless of what page they land on – to be given the pop-up. But the issue is, the pop-up doesn’t store a user dismissal, so if they dismiss and then navigate elsewhere, they’re served the pop-up again. Every time.

    Is there no way – perhaps via. cookie – that can tell the pop-up not to show because the visitor has previously dismissed it? Seems like a massive oversight to this functionality if I’ve to be brutally honest.

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi there!

      A cookie is placed on a respondents browser to avoid any annoyance! Of course, if the respondent visiting the site is using a cookie blocker on their browser, uses another browser, or clears their cookies, unfortunately the collector could show again.

      • Whilst it’s true a cookie is placed, the cookie path is set to the specific page the survey last appeared on. This means if you want to add the survey to all pages of a site in order to collect data regardless of a visitor’s entry point, it will simply pop-up on every page they visit regardless of any previous dismissal. e.g.:

        1. Enter on /careers page, pop-up is shown, I dismiss it
        2. Move to /investors page, pop-up is shown again, I dismiss it
        3. Go back to /careers page, pop-up is show again, I dismiss it
        4. Go to /media, pop-up is shown again…
        …and so on

        There needs to be an option for site-wide survey collectors. Simply setting the cookie path to / will suffice for these collectors.

        As thecodezombie mentioned, this appears to be a massive oversight.

        • MFsurveymonkey

          Hi Andy! Thanks for your input! These are all great points and we’ll be sure to send your feedback to our product development team ;)

  • Matthew Linares

    This looks great thanks. I assume this uses cookies to ensure those who have already participated do not see the popup again?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      You are correct, Matthew!

  • محمدالعبدلله الشبوي

    عظيم التقنيه في خدمة الانسانيه وقيمها !

    Great technology in the service of humanity and its values

  • Kwei Quartey

    I fear that the popup might be annoying. I know I hate them myself.

  • Er Mahendra Pingale
  • Ignaio

    Is it possible to add the pop-up at the end of the session? We want to ask users if they found the information they were looking for. Is it possible to identify when they leave the website and then just display the pop-up

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Ignacio! Totally get what you’re trying to do here! I’m afraid at the moment there is not really a way to program this within SurveyMonkey’s Website collector feature.
      However, you can try and do so on your end (as we do not offer support on programming ) by using our Web Link collector feature with an iFrame applied:
      Great suggestiong though! I’m going to pass it along to our Product Development team as a feature request. Hopefully this functionality will become available in the near future.

  • MFsurveymonkey

    Hi Atul! When it comes to our website collectors, it’s usually all a matter of copying and pasting the script from the Install tab into your webpage.
    However, to install a Website Collector on your website, you will need some knowledge of HTML, as well as access to your website’s source code. For additional assistance, please reach out to your site’s developer.
    Also, please feel free to review our help article here:
    For further technical assistance you may want to reach out to our team here:

  • MFsurveymonkey

    Hi! At the moment you’re not able to exceed 700 pixels when using an embedded website collector. We are always looking for ways to improve our platform and rely on customer feedback in order to do so, so thanks for your suggestion.
    In the meantime as an alternative, you could create a Web Link Collector for your survey and embed it using an iframe. However, you’ll need access to edit the HTML of the webpage. While I’m not able to offer HTML support, this is a great site to use to learn about anything HTML: Using the Iframe will allow you far more customization, including the ability to re-size the embed.

  • MFsurveymonkey

    Hi Sudipta! If you use a Popup Invitation, instead of the Popup survey, you could include a message explaining the goal of the survey in one to three short sentences. However, if you’re set on the Popup survey instead, what you can do is add a survey introduction to provide all the extra information that you need. You can see more about this here:

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