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Choosing the best way to send your survey for better results

Choosing the best way to send your survey for better results

Surveying—it doesn’t mean much without responses, right?

So after working hard to define your survey goals and craft the perfect questions, you want to be sure that your survey reaches your customers, colleagues, and those most important to you, at the right time. That way, you’ll be getting the responses you need to help you make better decisions.

We know that there’s a lot to consider when deciding how to put your survey out into the world to start gathering responses. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best collection option for your particular surveying situation!

SurveyMonkey Audience gets you survey responses fast, no matter who you're targeting.

Here are our top four surveying scenarios, and the Collector type that will be the best fit to ensure your survey’s success:

Your best bet: Email Invitation

If you already have a fixed list of email addresses you’d like to invite to take your survey, like a list of people who attended your conference,  you can use an Email Invitation to have full control over creating and tracking your email campaign from start to finish:

  • Insert merge fields and custom data about your contacts to customize the subject line and invitation message for each individual recipient
  • Monitor response rates with easy-to-use charts
  • Track who has and hasn’t responded
  • Send follow-up reminder or thank-you emails
  • See who said what when you analyze your results (or, choose to set your results as anonymous if you prefer)
Sending a survey with a custom email invitation

Email invitations also give respondents the option of coming back to the email to take the survey at a later time.

Your best bet: Website Collector

If you’re looking for customer feedback about your website, who better to ask than the people that are using it right now? Our Website Collector lets you capture the opinions of your customers in the moment—when their ideas and opinions are at their freshest and most relevant to you.

There are a few great options you can use to best fit your survey’s goals:

1. Embedded Survey: The beauty of the Website Collector is that there’s no need to determine who your users are before you reach them. Instead, you can use a Embedded Survey to better understand your users—and how you can deliver an even better experience on your site. The survey will be a scrollable, and allows for adjustable width, height and border color. With the survey embedded right into the design of your site, it’s easy for respondents to take then and continue browsing.

2. Popup Survey: If you’re looking for quick feedback, consider setting up a short Popup Survey. The survey will appear on your site in a popup modal and your users can answer your survey in a flash. Just remember, the length of your survey is really important here. You want to collect their quick feedback, and not interrupt or distract them from their experience on your site. Making sure that every question you ask has a purpose, and keeping it short, will help your visitors get back to perusing your site!

Send a survey with a Popup Survey

You might even consider asking only one question. For example, create a single-question survey with the Net Promoter® Score (NPS) question type, and launch it on your site with the Website Collector to quickly gauge your customers’ satisfaction with your company or product.

3. Popup Invitation: If you’re looking for more in-depth feedback from active users on your site, consider using a Popup Invitation instead. The invitation message will give you the opportunity to set the right expectations for users as to how long it’ll take them to fill out.

SurveyMonkey Popup Invitation

Your best bet: Web Link Collector

If you’re looking for an all-purpose solution to get your survey out the door fast, look no further than the Web Link Collector. The sky’s the limit when it comes to sending your survey via web link. Post your survey link on Twitter, print it in your newsletter, text it to your friends, paste it in an email, or hire a sky writer to write your custom survey URL in the clouds.

Send a survey with the Web Link Collector

Your best bet: Buy a Targeted Audience

Want to be really sure that you’re reaching the right people? Create a Targeted Audience Collector to buy responses from a specific demographic. You can target respondents based on attributes like gender, age, income, employment status, and more to get answers from the people whose opinions you need. Play around with our Targeted Audience Collector Preview to see the kind of responses you can get within just a few days.

You can also gain even more exposure by distributing your survey on Facebook, or through integrations like MailChimp, Eventbrite, and HubSpot. With the right distribution method, you’re well on your way to being a data collection champion. So get to setting up those Collectors, knowledge seekers! The responses will start to roll in faster than ever before.