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Case Study

Vanguard Charitable creates and launches the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer™ with SurveyMonkey

Vanguard Charitable is a donor-advised fund that seeks to make giving easy, convenient and smart. To address donors’ desire to give in impactful ways during the pandemic, the research and strategy group needed to create a tool that could offer hyperlocal guidance. 

Leveraging expert solutions, Vanguard Charitable conceptualized, tested, and launched the new Nonprofit Aid Visualizer in a few short months. The platform is a first for the donor-advised fund world, offering free access to both clients and the general public.  

Download the case study to learn how Vanguard Charitable was able to test a product concept and gain valuable feedback without an upfront software investment.

Download the case study
Learn how Vanguard Charitable used expert solutions to launch their innovative donor tool.