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Case Study

SurveyMonkey Enterprise helped Dennemeyer build an employee-centric culture

Dennemeyer has occupied a unique space in the Intellectual Property (IP) market since 1962 as a full-service provider for IP protection and management. With over 20 offices spread across the globe, Dennemeyer’s own team reflects the diversity its clients. 

When Dennemeyer wanted to foster a renewed focus on employee feedback and happiness at work, the employer branding team knew it needed to set the baseline with a comprehensive survey. The questionnaire would need to collect data from hundreds of employees worldwide.  

Download the case study to learn how Dennemeyer is using SurveyMonkey Enterprise to tap into the voice of employees, analyze feedback, and create an action plan moving forward.

Download the case study
Learn how Dennemeyer is enhancing the employee experience with SurveyMonkey Enterprise.