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2020 research report: 2 key traits for successfully navigating the coronavirus crisis

Why do some organizations fail in crises while others thrive?

From surveys of 3,275 workers across industries and interviews with the leaders of organizations who are successfully weathering the coronavirus crisis, SurveyMonkey has boiled it down to two key traits: agility and curiosity. 

Download the research report to find out more about why: 

  • Only 31% of companies who collect and act on feedback say their company has experienced a financial decline during the crisis.
  • Employees at agile companies are 5x more likely to say their company is prepared to weather an economic downturn.
  • Companies with a curious makeup take action on feedback at twice the rate as others.
Get the 2020 research report
Learn how to leverage your team's natural agility and curiosity to weather uncertainty and crises.