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Case Study

Customer and member feedback enables OneDigital to bring benefits to life

For over 20 years, OneDigital has been the nation’s leading health, retirement/wealth, and HR advisory firm focused on empowering business growth for employers of all sizes. The company stands out in the industry due to its focus on its customers’ members, not just on the customers themselves. 

That focus on the end-user drives a lot of OneDigital’s strategies and the programs it builds, and it’s enabled by a key part of OneDigital’s toolbox: SurveyMonkey Enterprise. OneDigital’s teams use Enterprise and the Eloqua integration to collect customer and end-user feedback. This feedback allows the company to not only better serve its customers, but also engage its customers’ members with their health and benefits programs. 

Download the case study to learn how OneDigital is using SurveyMonkey Enterprise and the Eloqua integration to drive innovation, improve customer retention, and bring employee benefits to life.

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Download the case study
See how OneDigital uses customer feedback to improve customer retention.