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Case Study

Carrot improves member experience and clinical outcomes with feedback

Carrot, a global fertility solution for modern employers, needed to collect member information—in a HIPAA-compliant manner—that would empower its medical experts to conduct better member chats. Carrot also wanted to continuously measure the impact of Carrot chats.

To inform member chats, Carrot used SurveyMonkey Enterprise to create HIPAA-compliant member intake forms that capture members’ knowledge of, and attitudes toward, various fertility options. Carrot soon discovered the most salient factors impacting fertility decisions and adjusted their chats based on those findings. To prove the value of these discussions, Carrot also evaluated pre- and post- intervention opinions from members regarding fertility options. The results showed that an astoundingly high 50% of members who opted into a chat were positively influenced by it.

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Learn how Carrot uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to improve member chats.