Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Coronavirus Research


San Mateo, Calif. - April 27, 2020 - SurveyMonkey (Nasdaq: SVMK) today announced a new collaboration with COVID Near You, a joint project of Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School, to accelerate critical coronavirus research efforts across the United States. COVID Near You will use the scale and reach of millions of daily survey respondents through SurveyMonkey to collect essential community data on the current global crisis. 

Created by epidemiologists at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, COVID Near You uses crowdsourced data to help citizens and public health agencies identify current and potential hotspots for COVID-19. By leveraging SurveyMonkey, COVID Near You will get a steady stream of diverse respondents across the United States, providing greatly expanded reach in understanding the spread of COVID-19 and the rapid changes roiling daily life across the world.

“COVID Near You is thrilled to collaborate with SurveyMonkey to increase by an order of magnitude the number of people we can invite to share their experiences with and feelings about coronavirus,” said John Brownstein, Ph.D., chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Professor. “The scale of data made possible by this innovative collaboration will directly inform public health decision making, resource allocation, and policy at the national and local levels.”  

“Having access to high-quality data in the fast-moving and quickly evolving coronavirus crisis is a critical component for public health leaders as they gain visibility on how COVID-19 is changing their communities,” said Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey. “We’re excited our research tools and expertise will accelerate the essential work COVID Near You is doing in the fight against the coronavirus.”

The collaboration launches today through a specialized survey designed by COVID Near You and deployed on the SurveyMonkey platform. Aggregate data will be reported regularly on the COVID Near You and SurveyMonkey websites and made available to media outlets, public health officials and the Center for Disease Control.

For more information on how SurveyMonkey is supporting its customers and community through the coronavirus crisis, please visit here

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About COVID Near You

Created by epidemiologists and software developers at Harvard, Boston Children's Hospital, and volunteers across the technology industry, COVID Near You uses crowdsourced data to visualize maps to help citizens and public health agencies identify current and potential hotspots for the recent pandemic coronavirus, COVID-19. The project is a sister tool of Flu Near You, created by Ending Pandemics and Boston Children's Hospital in 2012 and maintained by the Boston Children’s Hospital team.

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