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Online surveys in Canada

How we help customers from British Columbia to Newfoundland create and send surveys.

We’re committed to helping Canadians uncover insights and make smarter decisions for their organizations. We offer people across Canada—and around the world—the powerful survey tools, security, and convenience they need to get the job done.

How we help Canadians with online surveys

We’re a leading global online survey platform for a reason. Learn why our Canadian customers choose SurveyMonkey to help them get the answers they need.

Customize your language settings

Our platform is available in more than a dozen languages, so whether your preference is to work in English or French, we have you covered. Need help creating your survey? SurveyMonkey Genius helps you improve your surveys—whether you’re creating them in English or French—by scoring surveys before you send them. With our Question Bank, we’ll even suggest sample questions to make sure you’re on the right track.

While you can enjoy our in-product experience in over a dozen languages, you can also create surveys in even more languages. SurveyMonkey’s language settings will even adjust elements like navigation buttons to your preferred survey language.

Survey people anywhere and in multiple languages

Our platform makes it easy to reach respondents. Send your surveys via email, weblinks, QR codes, and more.

Need to meet the requirements of Canada’s Charter of the French Language? Whether you’re in Quebec, Alberta, or anywhere else, you can reach respondents in their preferred language. With our multilingual surveys you can see survey results in two or more languages all in one place, and analyze those results as a single data set.

Help for everyone

We have best-in-class customer support, including email support in a variety of languages. And if you ever need guidance, our help center is available in English and French.

No exchange needed

Our products are listed in Canadian dollars, so you don’t need to get out the calculator when you want to do business with us. To see pricing for our platform, visit our pricing page.

Commitments to data accessibility and privacy

Concerned about accessibility or privacy? We work hard to take care of our Canadian customers. We start by complying with WCAG (2.0), a global guideline for web accessibility, to ensure more people can access your survey. Also, if you’re doing business in the EU, we offer General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant features.

Please note: As of December 2017, certain accounts created in Canada will have their survey questions and survey responses stored in our Canadian Data Centre. All other account information remains stored in the United States.

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