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Customer satisfaction survey benchmarks

Get context for your results by downloading our free report

No matter your company’s size, it’s likely that you not only collect customer feedback—but that you also know your customer satisfaction ratings have an impact on your bottom line.

Because if you’re not keeping your brand promises and giving customers the care they deserve (and the treatment they’ve come to expect) they’ll go elsewhere to make a purchase.

And even if you think your customer satisfaction scores are stellar, how do you know your competitors aren’t doing a better job—and capturing your customers in the process?

To make it easy for you to see how you stack up against your biggest competitors, we compiled the data from thousands of customer satisfaction surveys into a comprehensive benchmark report.

See how you’re doing by comparing the results of your customer satisfaction survey against the SurveyMonkey benchmarks.

According to our research, 72% of consumers say they’re very or extremely likely to do business with a company if they have a reputation for outstanding customer service. That same study revealed that 97% of customers are likely to tell their friends, family, or coworkers about a great customer experience.

When you use our Customer Satisfaction Survey Template, you get a holistic view of the customer experience, from your organization’s professionalism to convenience. Then use the feedback you collect to diagnose and treat any weak points in the customer experience. But finding out what you’re doing well (and what you’re not) is only the beginning.

Sign up for a FREE account to create and send a customer satisfaction survey in minutes.

Maybe you already sent out a customer satisfaction survey. Or perhaps you’re planning on sending one out this year. Understand what your results really mean by using your initial customer satisfaction scores to set internal baselines or benchmarks. Then repeat the survey periodically to see whether your scores move in the right direction.

While tracking your progress is important, you also need to know how you compare to other organizations in your industry. If 62% of your customers say your company is professional, how do you know whether that’s good or bad?

Knowing where you stand—and creating goals from there—takes perspective. Although “only” 62% of customers say your company is professional, you’d feel pretty good about it if you knew you were in the 99th percentile. Our customer satisfaction benchmarks data is designed to give you that context.

Here’s a peek at some of the data we’ve collected from the customer satisfaction survey:

bar chart of customer satisfaction survey data collected by percentile

Did you know that 20% of customers say the company is unresponsive to their questions or concerns?

Where does your organization stand? Download our Customer Satisfaction Survey Benchmarks Report today to see more customer satisfaction benchmarks—and start setting smarter goals for your organization. Or explore our other benchmarks to see how we can help you compare your customer satisfaction survey results against industry benchmarks.

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