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Our 2019 #CuriosityatWork contest winners

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the people who inspire us the most—our customers! See how the 20 winners are using feedback to better understand what people think, feel, need, or expect.

Marketing marvel
Beer Cartel

“Each year we spend a lot of time pulling together the Australian Craft Beer Survey. It started from a little idea and has become a massive success. The survey to date has provided over $100,000 in direct revenue and substantially more in indirect revenue. It has grown our database by over 800% and provided a huge traffic increase.”


Customer champion
Cardinal Classic Figure Skating Competition

“We use SurveyMonkey to get feedback about the competition from coaches and skaters alike. The feedback is critical in shaping how we organize the next competition...It helps us determine what worked, what we need to change, how we can improve.”


Customer champion
CoastHills Credit Union

“Why we use SurveyMonkey: We're now able to get nearly instant results from our member surveys. We've automated the entire data sorting process, and—best of all—we saved our member/owners $30,000 over our previous solution.”


Employee advocate
Gateway Mortgage Group

“Since I was new at my position, I wanted to get an understanding of what the staff and managers saw as deficiencies or training needs, as well as training wish lists. I used SurveyMonkey to get a feel of both the needs and wants of the survey-takers. I was able to determine that many wanted training both in an overall view of servicing, showing how all the departments work together to meet the company's goals, and training to prepare them for a supervisor or management position. Another survey will go out in a month to get feedback on how we're doing.”


Trailblazing researcher
Trinity College Dublin

“I use SurveyMonkey to explore levels of sleep deprivation in healthcare practitioners locally and internationally (particularly surgeons) with the aim of changing both work culture and work-life balance to better support those who support society! SurveyMonkey allows me to explore sleep deprivation, compare trends, and manipulate questions to evoke different responses based off question allocation. It has really helped my research!”


Marketing marvel
London Review of Books

“We've used insights from SurveyMonkey to learn more about our customers and to develop a successful ecommerce store based on an existing brand. We've taken over £100,000 in our first year by listening to our customers and making products they really want.”


Customer champion

“SurveyMonkey has built my business. That is an honest statement. Note to other business owners: If you are not using SurveyMonkey to build your business, you are missing out on an incredible tool. From when I decided to build the app until now when I’m figuring out how to advertise the app, SurveyMonkey has been there for me.”


Trailblazing researcher

“At TrustRadius, I get to do fascinating research about how people identify problems at work, find technology solutions, and rally their orgs to make changes. Much of that happens through surveys. I believe in the power of feedback to help us improve as a company and as individuals. Plus, it's fun to peek behind the curtain, and see the sparkle inside someone else's head. Oh, the insights you can get when you simply ask people what they think, feel, need, and expect! I find that SurveyMonkey insights pair really well with insights from other tools I use in my research.”


Inspirational educator
University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM)

“Working in teams, groups of UTM biology students identify a public health need and design a solution to meet the needs of an identified vulnerable community. Since its inaugural launch in January 2019, several multi-level surveys have been designed using SurveyMonkey to assess the scaffolded course assignments, course design, and importantly, the student experience with the novel hands-on, practical, public-service learning approach. And faculty integrates in student feedback for these courses to improve student success and application of course teachings.”

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Marketing marvel

“The feedback we get from our customers, prospects, and the general population are invaluable. SurveyMonkey has allowed us to survey thousands of people to create industry first statistics that have shaped our brand and the way that our business is seen by the general population. Ultimately we created over 100 publishable statistics, which were used in ebooks, blog post and are being referenced by other companies in their work.”


Change agent
WellStar Health System

“In my role as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I seek and utilize feedback from hiring leaders and job seekers. I’m constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with and attract the right person to match with the right position. There are so many opportunities to learn what job seekers and hiring leaders are looking for and we miss the mark when we don't adjust and change as needed, keeping up with changes in the industry!”


Change agent
Invictus Games Foundation

“We use feedback to understand, learn, and share the difference that sport can make in #recovery and #rehab, globally. Being a small charity with connections across 20 different countries, it really gives us a huge opportunity to collect feedback and learn from our participating nations and competitors across geographic boundaries. We even created a film based on our anniversary survey!”


Marketing marvel

I recently used SurveyMonkey to poll customers about what types of content, functionality, and design they would like to see on our website. Our survey directly impacted the development, design, and execution of the following websites:, and


Customer champion
Nomads Swimwear

“I'm so thankful that resources like SurveyMonkey exist. Through a survey, I was able to gauge overall interest, ask what consumers want from their swimwear, what type of marketing resonates with them, and their thoughts on pricing. It also allowed me to collect the names and emails of over 50 interested customers! Being able to gather this invaluable information from my target market helped me to iron out several facets of my business and allowed me to put my customers first!”


Change agent
New Song Church

“The survey helped us narrow down where we would spend our limited resources. We asked questions about what types of programs the community would like to see. One topic that was rated high was social activities. And at one of the first bingo lunches we held, one person said to me, 'It's so nice to be able to have lunch with someone other than myself.' You get the real feel for the success of this program by seeing the smiles on seniors faces.”


Customer champion

“One of the ways that WinMagic drives customer satisfaction is by using SurveyMonkey tools to measure customer satisfaction and to drive change based on that.”

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