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Zendesk and SurveyMonkey: improving customer support one survey at a time

Zendesk and SurveyMonkey: improving customer support one survey at a time

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Repeat after us…We’re taking customer support to the next level.

Okay, you can open your eyes now. We’re proud to announce the reincarnation of one of our favorite mash-ups: Zendesk and SurveyMonkey.

This new and improved integration gives people direct access to their SurveyMonkey surveys within Zendesk. Whether gathering customer satisfaction or product feedback, Zendesk administrators can send out a plethora of trusted SurveyMonkey templates. Admins simply log into Zendesk, select the user group from whom they’d like to collect feedback, choose which survey to send and bam! Collaboration nirvana. The conversations you have with your customers will have deeper impact and lead to even more productivity.

Zendesk is the first partner to tap into the power of our Create APIs. This new set of API methods gives developers access to existing surveys in a SurveyMonkey account as well as SurveyMonkey-verified templates. To get started, just head on over to Zendesk’s App Marketplace.

Our integration with Zendesk is an example of the platform economy–one in which online Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses can focus on their core product offerings while bringing value-added features to their customers via APIs. In other words? Expect a truly zen-like experience.

Big thanks to Conan Reidy, Sam Boonin, Steven Yan, Maxime Prades, Jennifer Rowe, Stephanie Zou and the entire Zendesk crew for one blissful integration!

Want to integrate with SurveyMonkey? Just visit our developer portal to get started.