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Tutorial: how to add and insert images to your surveys

Tutorial: how to add and insert images to your surveys

Have you ever been designing a survey and thought to yourself, It sure would be neat to include a picture into my survey…

This is a question we hear a lot from you, dear customers and never fear, we’ve got you covered!

With any of our account types, free or paid, you can add images into your survey using our image question type option.

Just follow these three quick and easy steps:

  1. Click Create Survey to begin creating a survey, or click Design Survey if you’re already working on one.
  2. From here, click Add Question.
  3. From the question type drop-down menu, select Image and choose either of the following methods:
  4. Upload from your Computer: Browse to the location on your computer where you have the image stored. Upload it to our server.
  5. Enter the URL to a Hosted File: Host it on your own server and create a URL for the image that points to this location.

Comments? Questions? Let us know in the Comments section below and don’t forget to check out the resource page from our Help Center for even more image tips!