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The Royal Baby: Do Americans care?

The Royal Baby: Do Americans care?

Prince William. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.  For our friends across the pond, the (American?) phrase "living under a rock" would probably be a pretty good way to describe a Brit with no idea who either of these two figures are. They're no strangers to the rest of the world either. Kate and William's wedding back in April 2011 was a television phenomenon as the live event was shown to over 180 countries and reportedly as many as 2 billion worldwide watched the two say, "I do".

The United Kingdom declared it a public holiday and Royal Wedding street parties and pub celebrations were the norm for that entire weekend. Here in North America, fans of the Royal Family woke up early to take part in the English excitement and an average of 23 million Americans alone reported having tuned in to the coverage. All that was more than two years ago however. More than enough time for both Britons and Americans to wonder: When will there be a Royal Baby?

Well, baby frenzy has officially begun. With the Duchess's official due date an official palace secret, people have been left to guess, guess and guess some more. Not only when the baby might arrive but what color that baby might be wearing--pink or blue--as the Royal Couple have chosen not to be told the gender of their little bundle of joy.

We here at SurveyMonkey love a little suspense as much as anyone but we also love getting answers too. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, an awesome product designed to help you get the insights you need from a specific demographic, we asked over 250 Americans their thoughts about Royal Baby Fever. Are we just as excited about the latest addition to the Royal Family as Kate and William's countrymen? Who's betting that the baby will look more like Mom or Dad? Will it be a boy or a girl? And what kind of diapers do people think a Royal Baby will wear?

Here's what we found out.

Now before you Royal Family fans out there get too disappointed over the whopping 61% who said they weren't following the news closely at all, folks still had plenty of opinions to share about this future King or Queen of England. Like, boy or girl?

If our respondents are right, then the Duchess better have lots of pink at hand. 54% think it'll be a girl vs. 46% placing their bets on a blue baby room.

Equality, baby! Nearly half believe that Kate and William will be equally represented physically. When asked if learning how to fly a helicopter like his dad was a likely option though, only 13% voted that this was definitely in the kid's future.

We thought maybe our next question might be a little obvious but as this generation's Royal Couple seem to be a bit more on the down-to-earth side, we wanted to test our hunch, just in case.

Our hunch turned out to be on the money. The overwhelming majority of people (89%) believe that a Royal Nanny will indeed be needed. Who'll be the lucky person to fill that spot? Sounds like another good survey question to us--the world may just have to wait and see.

And last but not least?

No clear winner here in terms of the all-important diaper dilemma. It's nearly an even split between traditional disposable diapers and Mother Nature-approved reusable diapers with a slight edge going to the disposable (38%) over the reusable (36%). Our other hunch? That the general public will probably never know this one for sure.

Whatever the outcome may be for Kate and William--we're sending a big Monkey hug over to the new arrival and congratulations ahead of time to the happy couple. Cheers!

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