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The 5 best integrations to help analyze your SurveyMonkey data

The 5 best integrations to help analyze your SurveyMonkey data

What’s a survey without the juicy data we squeeze out after collection? Once you have those delicious responses on hand, it’s time to get your analysis on and see what interesting information you have to bite into.

SurveyMonkey offers a number of analysis tools such as our easy-to-understand charts and graphs, the ability to filter and compare responses, and our qualitative text analysis (just to name a few).

But sometimes you need to kick your analysis up a notch. Perhaps you need to do some hardcore statistical jiu-jitsu, or aggregate alternate spellings of words in your word cloud. Well, thanks to our numerous API options, these sometimes daunting analysis needs can become a cinch!

Here are five integrations that will extend SurveyMonkey even further, and help you supercharge your analysis in a variety of ways. The best part? Each of these partners offer a free introduction to their services, so the biggest decision you have to make might just be which one to try first!


DataHero logo

DataHero offers a jedi-like journey through your survey data. With their supercharged Data Decoder technology, your responses will be analyzed automatically, resulting in an instant report of significant data and corresponding visualizations. With their drag-and-drop interface, you can easily combine survey responses with other data set and dynamically create custom charts and graphs to extract hidden insights. With DataHero, the story behind your analytics comes to life!

To see how to use our combined features, check out our blog post.


DataCracker logo

As you may have guessed by their name, DataCracker helps you get to the bottom of your survey results—fast!  This handy API integration intuitively pulls insights from your data and writes a report for you. With a powerful, editable word cloud, DataCracker allows you combine terms with equivalent meanings and create a truly meaningful way to convey textual information while eliminating duplicates and redundancies. DataCracker will also analyze your results and predictively generate a diagram of how questions are related to one another. Connecting the dots in this way can reveal unexpected associations between questions and their responses.

Get more details on how to start crackin’ down on your data here.


OfficeReports logo

Ever wanted to pop your survey results directly into Microsoft Office? Now you can by connecting your SurveyMonkey account directly with OfficeReports! Long gone are the tedious steps of exporting your data and migrating it into a Word or PowerPoint document. And, thanks to their automated updates option, you can get started on your reports or presentation before all of the results are in. Now you’ll have all the reporting goodness of Microsoft’s charting at your fingertips, right alongside the power of PowerPoint and Word. It’s easy to see why so many companies have chosen to rely on OfficeReports for getting their SurveyMonkey data distributed in a convenient and professional fashion.

See how to start using OfficeReports with your SurveyMonkey data here.


DiscoverText logo

DiscoverText provides the ability to take mountains of raw open-ended textual data and process it into useful information. With its roots in automated processing of public comments for the US Government, DiscoverText has developed the tools to process text at scale. Their workflow tools and ActiveLearning classification technology feature allow people to be working and classifying the text at the same time. The results are text filtering, sifting, sorting, and clustering functionalities, which pale in comparison to many of its competitors. Add to that the ability to redact sensitive data, and DiscoverText has created a tool that is a must-have for users who collect a large number of responses to open-ended questions.

Taking a quick glance at your survey’s data can give you a solid overview of your results. But when you need to take your analysis to the next level, think twice before exporting all the data to a spreadsheet and rolling up your sleeves. Our partners make data analysis even easier. Now all you’ve got to choose the data analysis tool that’s right for you!

Have questions about our API options? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the Comments below!

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