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7 SurveyMonkey integrations every team should be using

7 SurveyMonkey integrations every team should be using

Collaboration is a magic ingredient for efficient and effective teams. It's particularly critical when those teams are faced with new and unexpected challenges—like a shift to remote work during a pandemic. So how can newly dispersed teams capture that collaboration magic? It all starts with using tools that integrate seamlessly into any kind of workflow. Think of it this way: apps and automation are the new abracadabra.

We’ve shared how using our built-in collaboration tools can support your team across cities and time zones. To add even more collaborative power to your workflow, integrate SurveyMonkey into the systems and tools your team already uses. By syncing with the apps that help you do business in the office and beyond, you’ll extend your SurveyMonkey experience and ensure teamwork that really works. 

So what integrations should your team be using for a magical collaboration boost? We’ve broken them down into three handy categories:

You’ve got to communicate if you want to collaborate. Connecting SurveyMonkey with the tools that allow you to do both can be a real gamechanger. 

For WFH teams that are all about Microsoft Teams, this integration is as essential as a Wi-Fi connection. It’ll enable you to create and send pre-built surveys, polls, and quizzes all within Microsoft Teams. You can even share results in real time with advanced privacy settings, so stakeholders stay in the loop every step of the way. 

Get more value from virtual meetings by making feedback a part of the process. Get feedback on the meeting effectiveness from your attendees, improve communication by bringing polls to your meetings, or send surveys on a wide range of subjects via Zoom.

The apps in action: Under a tight deadline to receive, analyze, and act on survey results? Make sure there’s no communication bottleneck by enabling response notifications in Microsoft Teams. Teammates can discuss results as they come in and take action that much sooner.

Did you know SurveyMonkey can help automate how you collect and share data across teams? It starts with syncing your surveys with your cloud storage solution. 

When your surveys live alongside the rest of your team’s assets in Google Drive, everyone will know where to go when it’s time to team up on a project. You can also create, manage, and preview surveys directly in Google Drive to streamline your workflow, even when your team isn’t in the same workplace.

OneDrive to rule them all! You can create, share, and store surveys within Microsoft OneDrive and log in to SurveyMonkey using your Microsoft Office 365 login and password. By storing your surveys like the rest of your files, you’ll help your team stay organized and ensure results are accessible to everyone, everywhere.

The apps in action: Let’s say you have a recurring survey, and your remote team needs to keep up with the results. You can save a link to your results views on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to make sure all collaborators have easy access right alongside the rest of your project files, no matter where they’re located or when the responses come in.

Near or far, your team can do more with the data that drives customer outcomes once you unite any of these customer-centric platforms with your SurveyMonkey Enterprise plan. 

Learn more about the add-ons available for SurveyMonkey Enterprise plans

Make it easier for your sales and marketing teams to work together to deliver a better customer experience. With the Salesforce integration, you can automatically trigger surveys after a transaction or other event to keep track of customer sentiment. That way, stakeholders can take swift action on critical feedback, spot trends and trouble spots, and more. 

Build a deeper understanding of your leads based on their survey feedback. You can even analyze that feedback right in Marketo and quickly create reports or dashboards to keep your entire team informed. With the insights you get, you’ll know how to deliver more personalized communications and drive more conversions. 

Ah, the power of Eloqua and SurveyMonkey. It allows you to segment, nurture, and prioritize leads based on survey responses. That’ll help you turn more leads into customers and drive greater campaign ROI. In other words, team members will have a better idea of where they should focus their individual and combined energies. 

The apps in action: Meetings and readouts may not be the most efficient way for remote teams to connect on essential customer insights. You can use the Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua integrations to enrich that data and get it into the hands of the colleagues who need it most. 

These apps will all boost how your team communicates, automates, and drives customer outcomes. (Looking for more support? There are lots of other apps we love.) Remember, sometimes the best way to capture the magic of collaboration is to have the best tools in your workflow join forces.