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SurveyMonkey is now federal government approved

SurveyMonkey is now federal government approved

Big news for all of you U.S. government survey makers out there! The SurveyMonkey you know, love and have used over the past many years is now an official government service provider.

SurveyMonkey has agreed with the Government Services Administration (GSA), the federal government agency responsible for facilitating procurement activities across all federal agencies, upon a set of “federal friendly” Terms of Use for the use of SurveyMonkey by federal government users.

Federal agencies around the country can now use SurveyMonkey in a way which complies with federal law and government contracting requirements, without the need to individually enter into special arrangements with SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey is used by numerous federal agencies. This development enhances the ease and speed with which government users can set up SurveyMonkey accounts, allowing the government to quickly gather information through online surveys to assist in their decision making processes.

SurveyMonkey is also pleased to join the cloud service providers listed on DigitalGov.gov. DigitalGov is the government’s innovative platform aimed at helping those in public agencies access and procure cloud services to meet their digital government goals. This way you can feel rest assured that your survey data is safe with us.