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What does 20 years of SurveyMonkey surveys look like?

What does 20 years of SurveyMonkey surveys look like?

You may not think of the survey questions you ask and answer every day as particularly impactful to the world. After all, how much could answering one question really do? But what about a billion questions? How much does the world change from hearing the voices and opinions of over 6 billion people? 

Cumulatively, the feedback we gather every day can move mountains: It can change the face of the world’s most well-known companies, spark the next big idea that alters the way entire industries do business, and help people see the path to building a better world. 

For 20 years, companies, individuals, and organizations everywhere have used SurveyMonkey to put their curiosity to work. The feedback they’ve gathered has been the catalyst that drives growth and innovation for countless scores of customers. Because collectively, step-by-step, even tiny individual voices can build into a roar. 

To celebrate our customers’ remarkable curiosity and the truly immense amount of change they’ve driven with feedback, we tallied some statistics for how they’ve used SurveyMonkey, cumulatively, throughout the years. They show that curiosity truly is everyone’s superpower. 

  • Number of surveys sent in 20 years: ~147,000,000
  • Number of answer options chosen in 20 years: ~181,200,000,000
  • Number of respondents in 20 years: ~6,000,000,000
  • Amount of time people have spent taking surveys in 20 years: ~56 millennia
  • Number of characters in open-ended responses in 20 years: ~992,400,000,000

How many surveys get opened every day? What type of questions do people even ask? When do people usually take surveys? Get the answers to all these questions—and more.

*All data presented in connection with SurveyMonkey’s 20-Year campaign are approximations derived from internal data analysis and statistical estimates of user activity during this period. All data has been aggregated and anonymized to preserve user privacy.