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Research report: How to deliver exceptional customer experience in your growing businesses

Research report: How to deliver exceptional customer experience in your growing businesses

In our digital world, you need to offer different ways for customers to interact with you. Not only through in-person interactions but also using digital channels, which could include your website or apps, or via SMS or email, for example. Ensuring you deliver a consistently great customer experience (CX) is crucial for companies—regardless of whether your business is small or midsize. Delivering exceptional CX should be everyone’s priority—and this is especially important for growing businesses with growing workforces. 

The work of gathering, analyzing, and acting on customer insights needs to be scalable and it needs to be a team sport. In fact, 90% of employees in midsize businesses who responded to our recent survey agreed CX needs to be a team effort across different levels of an organization. You can read our survey report in full here

In our survey of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) we discovered that 53% of small business owners work alone in understanding CX in their organization. But at best, only 33% of them could spend only some of their time leading efforts to improve CX. And yet, focusing on the complete customer experience is an important company goal for 72% of these businesses. Clearly, small businesses need a scalable way to gather and analyze feedback to improve CX. 

Midsize businesses are more likely to have a team dedicated to CX (unsurprising since midsize businesses employ more people), but fewer employees in midsize businesses (60%) than in small businesses (83%) said CX was either extremely or very well understood. Again, it’s clear that businesses of all sizes need a scalable way to share key customer insights so everyone in the company can act to improve CX. 

Our respondents also said the top 3 difficulties in understanding CX were:

  1. Asking the right questions
  2. Taking action based on the data
  3. Analyzing the data

In the report, we delve deeper into the data and detail the key differences in how small and midsize businesses are measuring CX, the key challenges each are facing, and how best to build your CX team to get actionable insights that fuel exceptional experiences—whatever size your organization. We also provide links to survey templates and additional resources that can help you more efficiently gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback. Read the report now.