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Survey reminder emails: How to remind survey respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

Survey reminder emails: How to remind survey respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

So there you are…it’s Monday morning. Coffee’s in hand, computer’s fired up. You excitedly open up your SurveyMonkey account to view the responses that have filled up your Analyze page over the weekend. You’re thinking–since you sent the survey out on Friday, people surely had plenty of time to answer it over the weekend, right? Well, much to your dismay, you find that you’ve received a mere handful of responses. How could this be?!

Then…coffee kicks in. It was the weekend! And what do people like to do on the weekends? Generally avoid email so they can take advantage of, you know, the weekend. As a result, there’s a good chance that if you sent folks an email asking them to take your survey, they just may have missed it. What can you do? So you don’t want to pester people who may have already taken the survey, but you definitely want to nudge those who may have missed it.

Good news! Since this survey was sent out with our trusty Email Invitation collector, sending a reminder out to folks who haven’t taken the survey yet is easy-peasy. The Email Invitation automatically tracks who has and hasn’t responded. This way, those respondents who were so fervent in checking their email over the weekend won’t be sent the survey again. Now, let’s dive in and see how to do this.

1. Start by visiting the Collect Responses tab for your survey. You will then click on the Email Invitation collector from the list of Collectors.

2. From the Follow-up Emails section, click Send Reminder.

3. Select Send a one-off reminder email or Automate a reminder email.

4. Select Reminder Not Responded or Remind Partial Responses.

Product screenshot where user can set up a reminder email.

5. From the Send To drop down, select Partial responseNo response, or Both.

6. If using the Automated option, in the When drop down, choose the number of days after the email invitation is sent that you want to send the reminder email.

7. Now these next couple of steps are optional... Click Edit Recipients to remove particular recipients from the message. You can remove up to 1,000 recipients.

8. If you'd like to edit the Subject line or Message, just click into the Subject line and that Edit Message button.

9. Click on the green Next button on the lower right part of the page.

10. And now we're in the home stretch, folks! Go ahead and select the Send now option, or schedule to send the reminder at a later time.

11. Click Send Now or Save Automation.

Before you set your reminder, keep in mind that the day of the week and the time of day can influence your response rate. You can use the insights from our study to pinpoint the optimal times to send your survey and follow-up reminders!