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How To Use Piping To Show A Respondent Their Answers Within The Survey

How To Use Piping To Show A Respondent Their Answers Within The Survey
survey piping 4

Let’s face it. survey results are more fun when shared. The Share Responses link and Instant Results features are great ways to show your survey audience a quick view of the survey results.

Our Piping feature gives you the ability to show respondents their answers to questions within the survey.  This is not the main intention for the creation of our Piping tool, but it happens to be a great work-around if you need to show respondents their individual answers and don’t have the time to export and filter out their individual data.

This use of Piping was utilized in our recent survey that we created for our March Madness Sweet 16 Tournament.  To get started with Piping, you first need to create all of  your survey questions.  Multiple Choice (One Answer Allowed), Comment/Essay Textbox, and Single Textbox question types allow for the responses to be piped into other question types.

Once the questions have been created, you will want to create a Descriptive Text question type on the last page of the survey. This is where you will be able to pipe the response from a previous question.   Do this by first entering regular text, such as “Here are your answers,” and then include the codes for the piped answers, and save the question.

survey piping 3

Respondents will now be presented with a copy of their responses on the last page of the survey.

march madness survey piping 2

You can also inform respondents that they are able to print the results of their survey through the web browser.

By using different descriptive text question types and placing them side by side of each other, you can make even more advanced summaries which can be used to show respondents their responses for a bracket, as we did for March Monkey Madness:

survey piping 4

Have you used survey Piping to share survey results with your respondents? Or do you have an idea for a survey using the feature? Sound off in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “How To Use Piping To Show A Respondent Their Answers Within The Survey

  1. Brad Collins says:

    Piping resolves a big complaint from our users about not being able to see their responses once they click “next.” We use all essay questions that follow a sequential flow. Once our users see their answers, they may want to change something they did not notice earlier. Is that possible with piping?

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Brad – Yes, it is. For more information about piping, check out this post from our help center:

      It includes an example piping survey, so you can test out its capabilities for yourself. Thanks, and have a great day.

  2. megan says:

    yes but it can be useful

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Megan – We hope it proves to be very useful! Let us know if we can help you use the feature, or give you any other survey guidance. Thanks!

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