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Less clicking, more doing with popular team apps

Less clicking, more doing with popular team apps

Technology has made it easy to do all you need to do with your team from one simple, organized place. You can create and share documents and spreadsheets; you can collaborate on, communicate about, and edit in those same assets; and you can track project-specific conversations using shared apps and software.

But, you may have noticed one thing missing from that neat and tidy system of integrated tools — your survey software. Survey software has traditionally been the outlier, not only separated from the rest of your files, but also a bit more challenging when it comes to sharing feedback and ideas and keeping stakeholders aligned. We realized the frustration that can come with your surveys behaving differently than the rest of your software, and we knew something had to change. Well, consider it changed!

Instead of having your survey software on a island by itself, we brought the survey platform to the apps you probably already use, and we brought the apps you already use to SurveyMonkey. So now when you’re working in Microsoft Office or Google Drive, you can also create and collaborate on surveys without clicking from one platform to another.

What does all this mean for the way you work on your surveys?

To start with, it means you don’t have to leave the app you’re working in to use SurveyMonkey — and it also means you don’t have to remember yet another password. Once you log in to Microsoft Office or Google Drive, which, let’s face it, you probably do the second you open your computer, accessing SurveyMonkey is as easy as starting a new doc or file. With our integrations installed, starting a survey is just a click or a command away. Just find SurveyMonkey on the menu and click it to get started.

When it comes time to collaborate on your survey, be it sharing a preview, inviting feedback, or giving someone the ability to edit it, you don’t have to click into a separate email account then paste a link or upload a document. All your collaboration options are there with a simple click, right in SurveyMonkey.  

You can then share, see comments, collaborate, and invite select people to edit depending on your plan. The cool part is that since you’re working in a team software platform, all of this can be done in real-time and without disrupting your — or your team’s — normal workflow.

Let’s take a look at some of the other cool stuff you can do when you use SurveyMonkey in these apps.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Invite comments from specific team members with a simple @-mention
  • Get real-time status updates with response notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • Poll your team for immediate insights

Google Drive

  • Click New > More > SurveyMonkey in the Google Drive menu to start a survey from scratch or use a template written by our experts
  • Stay organized by using a file that we’ll automatically create every time you start a new survey
  • Sync all future surveys with your Google Drive for easy access every time

Now that you see how it easy it is to get more done with your team in less time and with less clicking around, what are you waiting for? Start today and discover how much you can learn when your whole team gets involved.

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