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How to kick off a productive year with a team check-in

How to kick off a productive year with a team check-in

Is your team ready for another stellar year of collecting feedback together? When your surveys involve multiple creators or stakeholders, it’s always a good idea to periodically make sure your teammates are set up to succeed. The start of the year is the perfect time for a team check-in.

Conducting a check-in is best practice for a lot of reasons. You’ll kick off the year with the confidence that your team is equipped for whatever feedback needs you face. You’ll boost efficiency by taking stock of your plan’s settings and features from the outset. And you’ll establish smart processes, so that your data reaches the right people to drive decisions.  

Once you’ve conducted your team check-in, you should feel that you’ve: 

  • Assessed and organized the details of your team plan
  • Empowered your team to collaborate and utilize the tools at their fingertips 
  • Established goals and taken inspiration from last year’s survey wins

If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the questions you should be asking as you check-in with your team and check up on your team plan. 

First up, get a handle on the particulars of your plan. This part of the check-in involves reviewing the administrative details, settings, and resources that enable your team to get to work. Here’s what you should determine:

Are you on the right plan?

Calling all team Admins! Look back at last year’s feedback projects and think about what features were essential for your surveys and what features your team could have used.

Maybe you yearned for more advanced logic or customization. Maybe you could have benefitted from AI features to help analyze open-ended questions. These things (and more) are available with Team Premier, so it’s worth evaluating whether more tools would help you accomplish more in the year ahead.

Is your contact, billing, and payment information up to date?

Team plans are all about teamwork, which means that multiple users rely on uninterrupted access to your plan. Team Admins should take a moment to check that billing and payment details are accurate, along with the contact information associated with your account. These details are like cogs in a machine—don’t let them grind your feedback process to a halt.

Does your team library have current brand assets and resources?

Your team library is where teammates with Full Access seats can find and leverage branded assets, survey templates, images, and more. If your team Admin hasn’t reviewed it in a while, they should check to see if it’s up to date and make edits if needed. This will ensure everyone stays in sync, so no one accidentally uses a template that no longer reflects your brand. 

Have you enabled Team Discovery?

Team Discovery helps other people at your company find and join your team. If you’re the Primary Admin, this makes it easier to loop more people into your feedback process. But don’t worry, this won’t become a team free-for-all. You’ll still need to approve all requests before someone joins.  

Once you’ve checked on your plan itself, it’s important to think about the people who power it: your team! To confirm that you’re leveraging your team seats and supporting your team members, keep these questions in mind: 

Who's on your team and what is their relationship to your survey data?

Sometimes the makeup of your team can shift—and your team plan is designed to accommodate that. If someone has left your team, your Admin can transfer that account and all its surveys to someone else. You won’t lose any survey data and that seat won’t go to waste. 

On the other hand, maybe you now have new stakeholders to consider. Your Admin may want to expand your team to include them or add Contributor seats if their primary focus is data analysis. Think about your team as it stands now and whether more people need to get involved this year. 

Are you sharing the right surveys with the right people?

Encourage all team members to head over to My Surveys for a quick review. Do people on your team have access to the data they need to drive decisions? If not, start sharing surveys or results. Do you have the right privacy controls for sensitive information? Go through the applicable surveys and double-check. 

Keep in mind, you can easily share multiple surveys at once. This is especially helpful if someone new has joined your team, and you need to get them up and running with survey access. You can also give collaborators the power to share a survey!

You’ve reviewed the foundation of your team plan. You’ve ensured that everyone’s ready to tackle projects. Now it’s time to ponder and plan those projects. Everyone on your team should start by asking:

In the past year, which surveys got you the most useful data?

Reflect on your survey projects from last year, particularly the ones that generated game-changing insights. A lot has probably changed since you sent them out—could your data use a refresh? Talk with your team about re-sending those surveys or building the 2.0 version based on what you’ve learned.

What data do you wish you had?

It’s the start of the year and the sky’s the limit. How can you expand your feedback programs to get data that will help you do more? Think about what your team’s primary focus is now and what you need to know in order to move forward.

For example, let’s say you’ve mostly surveyed current customers in the past, but you’d like to take the pulse of a potential market. There are lots of survey templates, including ones that focus on Market Research, that can help you make it happen. Explore new opportunities with your team and uncover new data you never knew you needed.

Remember, if you don’t have all the answers to these questions, you can turn to your team! They can help you determine if anyone needs more survey access, if Contributor seats are right for you, or if there’s a gap in your data. (Need help organizing team seats? Use our survey template to figure out who needs or wants access.) We hope this helps you have a productive year and a successful team check-in!