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How OneDigital uses feedback to bring benefits to life

How OneDigital uses feedback to bring benefits to life

Heather Rabinowitz wants to shake up the status quo. As vice president of member engagement at OneDigital, her teams design and deploy strategies to better connect OneDigital customers’ employees to their health and benefits programs. 

“The benefits world has been the same for a really long time, and people have kind of put it in a box as a boring, complicated business no one really cares about,” Rabinowitz said. “I think there's a lot of opportunity to revamp that—to bring it to life and make it approachable and less intimidating. So I'm constantly challenging my internal teams to try something new or go digital or make it fun or make it animated, which is something that the insurance industry hasn't always done in the past.”

Since its founding in 2000, OneDigital has evolved into the nation’s largest organization exclusively providing employee benefits and risk management solutions for employers of all sizes. The company stands out in the industry due to its focus on its customers’ members, not just on the customers themselves. That focus on the end-user drives a lot of OneDigital’s strategies and the programs it builds, and it’s enabled by a key part of OneDigital’s toolbox: SurveyMonkey Enterprise. 

OneDigital’s teams had long used SurveyMonkey tools to collect customer and end-user feedback, but the company turned to SurveyMonkey Enterprise to enable an organization-wide view of data. Using the enterprise platform, Rabinowitz’s team has been able to create templates, incorporate branding, and take control of how departments across the organization gather feedback. This promotes accessibility and collaboration, Rabinowitz said, while enabling OneDigital to help customers understand and engage their members. 

In one case, OneDigital leveraged the enterprise platform to help a large health system bridge a communication gap with employees. The health system was convinced that its employees didn’t want to receive any communications via email. OneDigital used SurveyMonkey Enterprise to ask employees about their communication preferences, frequency of communications, preferred topics, content, and more—and the results were surprising.

“The results were ridiculously skewed toward ‘Everybody wants email, and we want to hear from you quarterly,’” Rabinowitz said. “We were about to go completely mobile, when really the data was telling us to go elsewhere. It saved our strategy, I think, in the long run.” 

OneDigital also leverages the platform’s integration with Oracle® Eloqua to better segment leads, gain a richer understanding of customer sentiment, effort, and Net Promoter Scores®, and build even stronger marketing strategies. Feedback collected daily via pulse surveys is automatically funneled into Power BI, making it easy to identify potential problems or gaps in service earlier. 

“From a brand awareness standpoint, this has really been a key driver for us in letting us know where we stand in the market in terms of Net Promoter and customer effort,” OneDigital senior marketing specialist Ashley Lodge said. “It has been a huge driver for projects that we've launched internally to really drive innovation in our industry. We also have a system in place to follow up with our detractors to reduce churn across the organization.”

Rabinowitz said one of the key benefits is being able to create and access benchmarking data. 

“For the first time, all of the results are accessible at a high level. Once this is all fueled into the Power BI dashboard, we're able to slice and dice by industry, customer size, and survey type and see on a broad scale specific insights related to our customers, which we really haven't been able to secure before.”

Heather Rabinowitz, vice president of member engagement, OneDigital

The benchmark data is then used to inform OneDigital’s sales and customer retention strategies with a data-first approach, Lodge added. 

“We're able to have conversations with our teams: ‘This is what our customers are saying directly, and here's what we can do about it,’” Lodge said. “And then also from a new customer standpoint, we're able to take the data and build RFP responses around it that can help us drive new customer conversations going forward.”

The enterprise platform also helps OneDigital customers gather the human capital resources data that is now required in annual 10-K filings—a change that went into effect in late 2020. 

“They've realized that close to 84% of a company's value relates to human capital, so companies now have to report on things that were traditionally hard to quantify, like employee engagement, diversity, retention, attraction, and development,” Rabinowitz said. “The data has always been important, but now it's required and it's critical, and enterprise has enabled us to provide that extra value to our customers.”

Rabinowitz said OneDigital employees appreciate the ease of use and analysis SurveyMonkey Enterprise offers. In addition, the Eloqua integration frees OneDigital from having to ask for customer identification data—for example, name and email address—which helps reduce the number of questions OneDigital asks. Overall, SurveyMonkey Enterprise empowers OneDigital’s teams and customers to drive meaningful progress as it relates to the employee experience—a mission that’s close to Rabinowitz’s heart. 

“Our goal is to really have that light bulb moment, that aha moment where employees say, ‘This makes sense. I get it. This is different than how I've ever been engaging with my benefits in the past,’” Rabinowitz said. “There's a lot of push-back anytime someone is being challenged to do something new and different, but I think it's a challenge worth fighting.”

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