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Event Feedback Survey example

Event Feedback Survey example

How many times have you filled out a paper survey at the end of an event or conference session only to wonder if your feedback would ever be read? And that’s assuming all those paper surveys make it back to the event organizers along with the conference signs, left-over logo gear, media equipment, lost and found goodies… You get the picture.

So next time you’re in charge of an event, or get roped in to help put one on, skip the manual collating of session feedback and get right to the insights by using an online session feedback survey.

Most conference centers and event facilities have wireless access these days and most conference attendees will have their laptop or smart phone with them. Presenters can simply share the feedback survey URL with attendees at the end of their session instead of passing out paper forms. In addition to being able to see results right away, you’ll also be able to easily compare feedback across different presenters or different times of day the session was offered. You may learn that some topics are best served before lunch.

We've provided a short, ten question General Event Feedback Survey that you can adapt, customize, and add to for your next event.