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5 tips for creating a great survey

5 tips for creating a great survey

Recently, our VP of Methodology, Dr. Phil Garland, contributed to Anna Lindow’s Mashable article on how to create a great online survey. Highlights below for your reading enjoyment…

1. Define Your Objectives

Figure out the decision or decisions you’re trying to make so you can focus your survey.

2. Work Backwards

Once you’ve set your objectives, you can determine the data you need to gather in your survey to make your decision.

3. Check for Bias

Make sure you’re not asking leading questions. If you need help, check out this great post by Dr. Phil Garland on the topic.

4. Do a Test Drive

It never hurts to proofread and send your survey to friends and colleagues to take it for a test run. They’ll help you make sure your questions and response options are understandable and all your skip logic works.

5. Collect Results and Analyze Data

This is where it gets really fun. If designed correctly, the data rolling in from your survey should help you decide what product to launch next, how to raise more money at your next fundraiser, what to do to keep customers coming back, what to serve at your next party and much more.

Read the full article (with many helpful examples) here.

What are your go-to tips for creating a great survey? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.