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You asked, we listened: check out the SurveyMonkey App’s newest features

You asked, we listened: check out the SurveyMonkey App’s newest features

Since we released the SurveyMonkey mobile app in February, we’ve seen lots of SurveyMonkey customers using it for surveying on the go—and enjoying it too!

We’ve also received some great feedback from you on improvements and features you’d like to see us make to the app—and we’re excited to announce brand-new features and improvements, including iPad landscape support and Full Screen Mode.

 iPad landscape mode

Survey in iPad landscape mode

Look at that horizontal action!

What’s been the most requested feature so far? You guessed it–the ability to view the app in landscape mode on your iPad! From your comments, it was clear to us that being able to access landscape mode is critical if you want to work in the app with ease:

SurveyMonkey App feedback
Image courtesy of the App Store

So keep your external keyboards clipped to your tablets because the new iPad landscape mode is now available in the latest SurveyMonkey App release. (Update to the 1.0.4 version now.)

Full Screen Mode

Survey in Full Screen Mode

Another highly requested feature is the ability to view surveys in Full Screen Mode on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What do we mean by Full Screen Mode?

Imagine you’re working the receptionist’s desk at the doctor’s office and your patients are inputting their personal information on a tablet device. Full Screen Mode, sometimes also referred to by users as “kiosk” mode, allows you to run a survey on your mobile device so that your patients can take your survey directly from your phone or tablet–and feel completely immersed in the survey-taking experience.

Make sure to choose Full Screen Mode from the Send page when you’re ready to collect responses. When displaying your survey in Full Screen Mode, you also have the option of enabling a password lock for extra security and privacy. When the password lock is enabled, respondents won’t be able to exit out of the survey and access any of your personal account information without entering your account password. This is ideal when you’re collecting responses in a public setting.

Full Screen Mode in Action

Here’s your survey or online form on display—just in time for your respondent to take it in-person on a shared mobile device:

Survey in Full Screen mode at kiosk

Now your (super happy) survey respondent can fill in an online form or take a survey on any connected Apple device.

Using SurveyMonkey App on kiosk

Once your respondent completes your survey or online form, you’ll be able to decide whether or not the app returns to the start of the survey (for a new submission), or you can close Full Screen Mode and manage your surveys:

Behavior in completed survey

Full Screen Mode isn’t just great for the doctor’s office. It’s also extremely helpful for gathering feedback on location or at an event.

For example, you might want to capture event feedback immediately from expo attendees at your sales booth. You can serve up your survey on an iPad in minutes and just let it run on autopilot while you tend to customers.

Not only can you free up your time (and save some trees) by collecting information electronically, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your respondents’ personal information is safe and secure after each form submission. (And remember, healthcare professionals, SurveyMonkey is HIPAA-compliant, too!)

This is just the beginning. Each and every day, our mobile team is actively working to deliver more improvements and new features to our customers. We will continue to make improvements based on your feedback—so keep it coming!

Need to collect in-person responses but worried about the internet connection? No fear, SurveyMonkey Anywhere is here! Learn how our latest app can help you collect responses, with or without a Wi-Fi connection.