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Case study: Customer research drives product improvements and customer stories

Case study: Customer research drives product improvements and customer stories

Bill Roth and his team needed to backup their marketing claims with evidence. As the Director of Product Marketing for a large enterprise computer software company, Bill faced strict corporate requirements that all claims be substantiated. He was looking for an easier way to collect quantifiable proof points—those snackable sound bites like “73% of our customers increased productivity by 10% or more”—from their customers.

So Bill and team turned to TechValidate by SurveyMonkey to quickly generate hundreds of testimonials, case studies, and reviews from their happy customers—and in the process gained valuable insights into the customer experience.

Creating customer case studies was challenging due to cost, time intensity, and difficulty securing customer advocates. According to Roth, “One of the hardest things as a marketing leader is to get customer references. Normally you budget for one case study per quarter because they’re so hard to get.”

TechValidate enables marketers to create social proof at scale. The days of spending months to produce a single case study are over—Roth can create dozens to hundreds of case studies, testimonials, and customer stats from a single project.

Roth and team then leverage the persuasive content across blogs, press releases, and advertisements.

As a product marketer, I feel like TechValidate was built just for me. We can now get case studies and testimonials at a higher volume and better quality than before—TechValidate makes case studies easy.

With guidance from the experts on TechValidate’s customer success team, Roth is able to craft highly relevant survey questions and create third-party verified marketing assets that amass nearly 90,000 views per year.

Gathering customer stories and social proof points was a top priority, but Roth’s plans for using customer feedback didn’t end there. Roth was on a mission to measure customer satisfaction and uncover any problems directly from the user base—reducing the “navel-gazing syndrome” that can run rampant on product teams.

By actively listening to customer feedback and monitoring NPS using TechValidate, Roth and his colleagues on the Product team have gained a better understanding of what’s driving customer satisfaction and what improvements need to be made to boost the customer experience.

Since launching their first project, Roth has noticed a “huge improvement in NPS that can be attributed to what we’ve learned using TechValidate and the product improvements we’ve made as a result.” And by creating more happy customers, he’s widening the pool of customer advocates who will participate in future case studies and testimonials.

TechValidate connects product marketers like Bill with valuable feedback from their customers, surfacing the customer stories that will have the most impact and offering valuable insights into the customer experience. Ready to learn more? Request a demo to see how TechValidate works.

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