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Customer experience—your holiday shopping season superpower

Customer experience—your holiday shopping season superpower

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday... it’s the weekend that delivers billions in revenue and can more than double your foot traffic. The very definition of the in-store and online retail experience is going through its largest shift in its history, and now more than ever, it’s imperative to have not only a solid, but an exceptional plan around customer experience (CX).

SurveyMonkey CX conducted a study on shopping behavior, and uncovered 7 CX breakthroughs to help you keep everything running smoothly during the Black Friday weekend and throughout the entire holiday season.

Download the study → Black Friday and beyond: customer experience marks the shop

Did you know that a great customer experience will do more to help than a poor experience harms? 68% of consumers who have a great customer experience shopping at a retailer would recommend the retailer to their friends and family vs. only 41% who would recommend their friends and family NOT to shop at that retailer following a bad experience.

Also, did you know holiday shopping is not just about B2C? Over a quarter of holiday shoppers (27%) have either purchased or plan to purchase items for their company or organization during the holiday season.

Get the answer to important questions like:

  • Do people prefer to shop in-store or online?
  • What is a customer’s biggest purchase motivator?
  • What is the biggest holiday shopping season opportunity for any business or retailer?
  • When are shoppers spending the bulk of their holiday budget?
  • Just how important is it to provide a solid digital shopping experience?

...and more

Providing a great customer experience will give you the competitive advantage during the holidays and throughout the year. Did you miss your chance to launch or improve your customer experience program for this holiday season? Then use our study to step up your game and plan your CX strategy to hit the ground running in the new year.

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