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WATCH: How to ask about frequency of behavior

WATCH: How to ask about frequency of behavior

This is it, folks. Welcome to the last installment of our nine-part video tutorial series–where our Jumpstart Survey Creation experts at SurveyMonkey Audience share tips on how to design amazing surveys.

Today we’re talking about measuring frequency of people’s behavior. What’s the best way to find out how much respondents spend their time, money, or energy on something? Ask them! You can use percentage ranges for each answer option to help people with fuzzy memories find a response that feels right for them. Sometimes using qualifying words such as All, Most, Half, Some, or None may also make it easier for respondents to answer the question.

In the video below, we explain the best way to ask about behavior frequency.

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our tutorials because we certainly had a blast making these. As always, don’t forget to leave your questions for us in the Comments section below!

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