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SurveyMonkey is available in 16 languages

SurveyMonkey is available in 16 languages

Did you know that SurveyMonkey is now available in 16 languages? To view our site in another language, click on the “Language” drop down in our footer.

In addition to English, you can access the SurveyMonkey site in: Chinese (traditional)Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

We also offer customer service in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our customer service agents are native speakers of their language, and are available to assist you in your local time zone.

In addition to offering our site and customer service in other languages, if you upgrade to one of our professional plans, we now accept payment in 21 different currencies. For our European customers, we have added several new payment methods as well. Finally, we have modified our survey templates so that they are more culturally appropriate for each country. For example, while it is entirely acceptable to ask employees in the United States to rate the competence of their manager, this question would be frowned upon in many other countries.

Since SurveyMonkey was founded in 1999, about half of our customers have been located outside the United States. Customers have been creating their own surveys in many languages for some time, so we wanted to provide our own site features and functionality in as many languages as possible. Now that we are speaking with more and more of our customers in their own language, we are excited to see new customers finding us in Europe, South America and Asia.  Brazil is one of our fastest growing countries, and we have more customers per capita in Singapore than anywhere else.

Around the globe, people turn to SurveyMonkey to engage with their audiences and inform their decision making process. The subject matter of surveys range from personal curiosity (“who will win tonight’s football game?”), to festive (“where should we host the company party?”), to functional (“how can we improve our service for you?”) to the formidable (“what are the most promising new sources for renewable energy?”).  We are excited to grow our site and service worldwide and help customers make great decisions, in any language.

Have friends or colleagues who would be interested in using SurveyMonkey in another language?  Please let them know that SurveyMonkey is available in 16 languages.