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How Can I Create 2 Surveys in 1? Ask a Survey Expert!

How Can I Create 2 Surveys in 1? Ask a Survey Expert!

Ask a Survey ExpertDear Survey Expert,

Help! I need some of your insider knowledge on how to create the survey I’m putting together. I’m looking to create a single survey in both French and English. Is there a way I can do this without having to create two separate surveys?

Lost in translation,

Hi there, Ashleigh!

This is one of those great questions that can definitely leave you scratching your head. But go ahead and stop because we’ve got good news for you. This is something that can be achieved with just a little help from our Skip Logic option. With any of our paid accounts you’ll have full access to this handy feature.

The best way to get this party started is by designing your survey’s most important question–the very first one. In the first question, you’ll ask your survey respondents to choose which language they’d like to participate in.  This is where you’ll add the Skip Logic, but hold that thought for just a second.

Before adding Skip Logic, first create each section of your survey. This will lead respondents to the correct area of the survey based off of their answer to the first question. Speaking of which, let’s get back to that, shall we?

Now that you’ve designed your French and English sections, you can apply the Skip Logic. Above question one you’ll see an Add Question Logic button. Click here and then apply the logic so that the respondent skips to the appropriate page based on each language choice. You will then want to go to the last page of the first language section and add Page Logic. For example, if the first section of the survey is in French, you’ll add Page Logic to the last page of that section that will skip them to the end of the survey. This way, they won’t see the English portion. This FAQ from our Help Center gives a great overview on how this works.

Voila, you’ve now created two surveys in one–congrats. Hopefully you’re feeling a little less lost now, Ashleigh.

Happy Surveying!
Katie, your friendly “Survey Expert”

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