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How to disqualify a respondent

How to disqualify a respondent

A lot of focus is put on how to encourage people to fill out surveys–whether by keeping surveys short, by providing rewards, or by using social media channels to spread the word.

But in some cases, not all responses are equal. Say you’re thinking about opening a hip new coffee shop that only serves breakfast and lunch. And you want to cater to people who are passionate about their breakfast and lunch choices. So you create your market research survey, but you want to skip responses from people who really just love dinner (and get more insights from the french toast and club sandwich devotees out there).

There’s an easy way to do just that by using the Disqualify Respondent option in SurveyMonkey. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to implement it:

  1. Set up your multiple choice question.
  2. Add disqualification skip logic to the answer choice you want to disqualify (in our case, people who choose “Dinner”).
  3. Set up your survey collector. Disqualification works with any collector type.
  4. Customize the Disqualification Page message (if you want) in your collector settings.

Curious about the benefits that disqualifying questions (also known as “screening questions”) bring to your survey? Looking for more best practices on using them? Then check out, "A guide to using screening questions in your survey."