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Cleaning habits, new ways to connect, and The Crown: November wrap up of The Daily Q

Cleaning habits, new ways to connect, and The Crown: November wrap up of The Daily Q

November was a busy and exciting month, and it's time for our November recap of The Daily Q, our social series where we survey people on current events, trending topics, and more. But don't forget: the Daily Q is just one question; imagine the deeper insights you could get from sending a full survey.

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  1. When it comes to trusting research, people care most about where it comes from
Poll results: When deciding whether to trust a research poll, 40.9% of people say the media outlet is the most important factor, 28.5% say sample size is most important, and 30.6% say methodology is most important.

In November, the U.S. headed into the 2022 midterm elections, so we were curious to know what Americans trust when it comes to political polling. While the sample size and methodology were nearly neck and neck, the source of the information won in a landslide.

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  1. People prefer to stay on top of dirty dishes
72.9% of people say that they wait a few hours, max, to do the dishes

Nothing is more frustrating than a pile of dirty dishes. But do people have more patience for the work or the mess? Our survey shows an overwhelming amount say that they leave dishes for no more than a few hours.

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3. Zoom users are excited for new ways to connect

31.2% of people are most excited about the Spots feature update from Zoom

Zoom hosted Zoomtopia in November where they announced some exciting new features to help make staying connected–and organized–easier. Of all the features announced, our Daily Q audience was most excited about Spots, a virtual coworking space that helps replicate the spur-of-the-moment conversations that happen in the office.

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4. Overall, people think The Crown on Netflix is an accurate representation of the British Monarchy

41.6% of people think that The Crown is "somewhat accurate" to the British monarchy

ICYMI, The Crown on Netflix is back, and more scandalous than ever. With a new cast delving into the intricacies of the Royal Family, we wanted to know if people think it's an accurate representation of the world’s most watched family or just overly dramatized. As it turns out, just over half of the people we surveyed think it's very or somewhat accurate. 

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