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How Carrot uses member insights to improve and measure intervention efficacy

How Carrot uses member insights to improve and measure intervention efficacy

Fertility and family-forming benefits are becoming a more common offering for forward-thinking employers. These benefits can be used to support employees as they pursue parenthood—whether it involves adoption, surrogacy, or fertility care like in vitro fertilization (IVF). To help employees navigate the complexities of these journeys, Carrot provides specialized support and access to experts via their telehealth platform. For Carrot members pursuing IVF, Carrot’s medical experts perform virtual chats to help provide education about their options and what path may be best-suited to their needs, safety, and personal preferences. 

To enable its medical experts to advise members in the optimal manner, Carrot’s product management team uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to conduct intake surveys and gather more information about each member’s experience, knowledge, and preferences.

“With our previous tool, we couldn’t quite get the information we needed to make our chats as helpful as possible for our members," said Laura Lee, product manager at Carrot. “Now, we leverage the HIPAA-compliant features in SurveyMonkey Enterprise to better understand what each member is most interested in, in order to make our chats more effective. That leads to better clinical outcomes.”

Carrot serves employer needs by ensuring high-quality care is given in a financially responsible way, while helping employees achieve their family-forming goals. It's a complete global fertility solution, providing flexible financial coverage and expert fertility care navigation across the U.S. and 50+ countries. In addition to its reimbursement services, Carrot provides both a care navigation service and telehealth platform. Carrot experts chat with members about fertility benefits and family-forming options, which can include handling sensitive protected health information (PHI).

Carrot is committed to delivering the highest-quality care to all of its members. All clinics in the Carrot network must meet rigorous standards of excellence and are assessed on a number of factors, including clinical outcomes and LGBTQ+ friendliness. Education is a critical component of the Carrot member journey. When preparing for IVF or other options like adoption, members face a deluge of information. 

To optimize clinical data coordination, Carrot needed to learn more about each member’s background and knowledge level prior to their conversations with Carrot experts. Member intake surveys were the perfect vehicle for this information. However, because intake can involve PHI, Carrot had to partner with a HIPAA-compliant platform to ensure its member intake practices remained compliant. 

Lee turned to SurveyMonkey Enterprise for its HIPAA-compliant features. Using Enterprise, Carrot created member intake forms that capture members’ knowledge of, and attitudes toward, various fertility options. Initial use of Enterprise yielded valuable data. As a result, Carrot now includes open-ended questions as part of its pre- and post-intervention surveys. The forms also use Enterprise’s Likert scale functionality to assess how strongly members feel about each option and the influencing factors. 

As Lee created the member intake forms, SurveyMonkey Enterprise's “effortless and powerful” logic features, including skip logic and branching, made it easy for Lee to create flexible member intake forms. With the modular drag-and-drop feature, multiple users could log into SurveyMonkey and make changes to the intake form questions as needed. When unsure about advanced research features, users rely on the support of SurveyMonkey experts. “Enterprise’s support is like a concierge service that calls me within 10 minutes,” said Lee. “They understand all our use cases, so I don’t have to assign an in-house survey guru.”

Carrot easily serves multiple clients because they can quickly change any form’s URL for a customized professionalism. Additionally, to make broad use of their new member population insights, Carrot has integrated Enterprise with Zapier to streamline data flows into Zendesk, eliminating manual data entry.

Today, Lee’s team uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to continuously measure the impact of Carrot chats. And they can see exactly how members have been positively influenced by Carrot Experts. In fact, of all those who enter an intervention undecided about their best path to parenthood, 50% say that after just one Carrot chat, they now have the information they need to make the healthiest decision based on their goals and history.

While Carrot enjoys the benefits of broader and deeper member insights, it is also maintaining HIPAA compliance in its member surveys. Everything Carrot does with Enterprise happens in a HIPAA-compliant manner. This enables Carrot to duplicate its pre-chat member intake form questions as needed, changing just a few items and the form URL, and streamline their survey operations. With a fully operational integration to Zapier and Zendesk, Carrot now shares survey results more widely with ease.

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