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Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: social media, D.C. statehood, and tech

Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: social media, D.C. statehood, and tech

Twitter's Trump Ban Supported by a Majority of Americans.

  • Just over half of Americans support Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump from the platform permanently (52%). 
  • 79% of Democrats strongly support this ban. 
  • However, 69% of Republicans strongly oppose it.

D.C. Statehood Support is Split Nearly evenly for Americans.

  • 49% support and 45% oppose. 
  • 73% of Democrats support it while just 27% of Republicans feel the same. 
  • 42% of Democrats have strong support for statehood compared to 8% of Republicans.
  • 25% say they are more likely, 20% less likely to support D.C. statehood in light of last week’s events at the Capitol.

Both the Use of Social Media and “Big Tech” Scrutiny Sentiments Increased from 2020.

  • 82% of Americans are using some form of social media platforms these days with Facebook the most commonly cited from August of 2020. 
  • 16% are using TikTok today, an increase of five points from last year.

For Twitter and TikTok, favorability is virtually identical overall with just 34% holding favorable opinions of these companies. 

  • Twitter. 
    • Favorability decreases by age with just 45% of Gen Z (24 and under), 31% of Boomers, and 22% of those in the Silent Generation holding favorable opinions. 
    • Just 25% of Twitter users have a strongly favorable opinion.
  • TikTok. 
    • Both use of and shares of favorable opinions for TikTok decrease with age. 
    • Fully 55% of Gen Z have favorable views of the platform while only 25% of Boomers feel the same. 
    • Just 33% of TikTok users today have a strongly favorable opinion.

Compared to June of last year, levels of concern about the consolidation among tech firms has ticked up substantially.

  • Fully 67% are now concerned compared to 41% over 6 months ago. 
  • Intensity of concern ticked up by 28 percentage points with 41% very concerned.

Up from last year as well, greater shares of Americans would like to see the federal government investigate antitrust violations for tech companies.

  • Facebook was the most cited (52%), though this proportion remained relatively stable overall (48% in 2020). 
  • Interest in investigating Apple is up by 10 points (34%), Alphabet/Google and Microsoft up by nine points from last year, respectively (38% and 29%).  
  • Older age cohorts showed large increases from June last year. Among the 65+, 
    • 17 point increase for investigating Amazon (43%) and Apple (23%)
    • 15 point increase for Google (46%)

Some want to see the federal government break up these companies.

  • Nearly half (48%) of Americans would like to see the government break up at least one of these companies. 
  • 35% for Facebook and 30% for Twitter top the list. 
  • Fully 50% of Republicans want the government to break up Facebook and 49% want Twitter to be broken up.

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