XSEDE UTEP Workshop Survey

UTEP Regional XSEDE Workshop

Please take a moment to provide the following information.
1. Name
2. XSEDE Portal Username
3. Knowledge of computational science and/or high performance computing (HPC)
Very knowledgeableFairly knowledgeableSome knowledgeNot knowledgeable
Computational Science and Engineering
High Performance Computing
4. How familiar are you with the resources and services of TeraGrid, XSEDE, or other national cyberinfrastructure providers?
Very knowledgeableFairly knowledgeableSome knowledgeNot knowledgeable
Texas Advance Computing Center (TACC)
TACC UT System Allocations
Research Computing @ UTEP
Research Cloud @ UTEP
5. Primary Interest
6. Department, Science Discipline, or Research Interest
7. Do you teach courses which require modest computational solutions?
8. Do you have a component of research that requires intensive computation?
9. Do you find your current computational resources to be sufficient for your work? (These are computational resources, not IT resources)
10. Do you engage in large database management for your work?
11. Do you personally or your research group perform large-scale computation for your research?
12. Are you interested in training the next generation of scientists in high-end computing?
13. Could you benefit from supercomputing and high-end visualizations in your research or teaching?
14. Select the workshop topics of most interest to you.
Thank you for for taking the time to complete this pre-event participant survey.
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