*This survey is designed for women of all professions who work inside a business or organisation of any size or industry (not business owners).

We are embarking on a major research project to understand what women are thinking and feeling about their career and life in 2023. And we want you to have your say.
What's it really like being a woman at work and in your life right now? Share what you really think about your life, career, wellbeing, burnout, gender bias, authenticity, leadership, confidence, resilience and more.
We often don't have time to take care of ourselves and create a life vision or career plan because we are so busy taking care of everyone and everything. Take time right now to pause and reflect, by taking part in this important pulse on where you, and thousands of other women, are at.
You will get access to the findings, an invite to the research briefing and the chance to win a place in the coveted and life-changing Women Rising program valued at $1,999. Make sure you enter your email address at the end under Permissions to be eligible.

Your survey responses are anonymous unless you specify otherwise. Make sure you click 'Submit' on the final page to submit your survey.  Thank you so much for having your say.