1. UXPA Volunteer Commitment

20% of survey complete.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at UXPA 2018. Being a volunteer comes with a lot of important responsibilities, but is also a very rewarding way of experiencing a world-class UX conference. Please complete the following application and we’ll be in touch!

* 1. Do you have a passport that allows you to enter the United States?

* 2. Are you willing to perform between 18 and 21 hours of service during the conference?

* 3. Do you agree with this statement:
“As necessary, I am willing to take on a variety of shifts during the conference week. This could include staffing the registration desk, interviewing attendees and assisting speakers, committee members, session chairs, and staff.”

* 4. As a volunteer, you must be able to perform the following:
  • Communicate effectively with conference attendees  
  • Stand for long periods of time (working registration, directing traffic between sessions, etc)  
  • Carry 5-30 lbs (mainly printed materials)
Do you agree to perform these tasks?

* 5. Let's look at timely registration & travel arrangements. Do you agree with this statement:
"I understand that in order to be officially confirmed as a volunteer, I will need to confirm my conference registration and travel arrangements within 14 days of receiving my volunteer invitation email. If I do not, I will not be allowed to volunteer."

* 6. As a volunteer, you get the best possible lowest conference rate: $100. Do you agree with this statement: 
“I understand that, if I am chosen as a volunteer, I must register and pay the applicable registration fee of $100.”

* 7. The right attitude is everything! Do you agree with this statement:
“I recognize that I am the face of UXPA International at the conference. I will bring a positive attitude and joyful spirit to my volunteer position.”