Copper River offers the best of life in Fresno: safety, cleanliness, first-rate schools, access to the outdoors, and beauty.  It’s why we chose to live here.  That way of life is being challenged by those who wish to exploit our community for their personal financial gain.  On July 17, a gas station and convenience (alcohol carry-out) store was proposed at the northwest corner of Copper and Maple (1880 E Copper Ave).  The community rallied together, forming the Fresno Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance, to oppose this unwanted development, a fight that continues to this day.

The Alliance learned during this process that a separate gas station-liquor store was already approved on April 10 by the city at the northeast corner of Copper and Friant (1000 E Copper Ave).

Then, on August 17, a second gas station with liquor store (Johnny Quik) and car wash was proposed at the northeast corner of Copper and Maple (2066 E Copper Ave) adjacent to Copper Academy Preschool in the Rite Aid plaza.

As shown in the aerial above, Copper River is now facing the unfathomable prospect of 3 gas stations and liquor stores along Copper Avenue within one mile of each other.  One site (Copper/Friant) has already been approved.  Join us to save this community from the other 2!

Further detail, including the science supporting these concerns, is available at the Fresno Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance webpage:

We've retained Community & Environmental Defense Services (CEDS) to assist us in assessing the likelihood that these and other impacts may occur.  CEDS is helping us form a strategy to preserve our neighborhood.  For examples of CEDS successes in defeating poorly planned gas stations visit:

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* 1. Please add your name and contact information to urge the City of Fresno to deny the conditional use permit needed to allow the gas station.  Your contact information allows us to let you know of our progress in ensuring your home and ours are protected from the health and safety impacts of the proposed gas station.

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* 2. Please share the reasons why you're concerned about the proposed gas station and alcohol carry-out store, which will allow elected officials and other decision-makers to take your support more seriously.