IMCA Referral Form

Dudley Advocacy provides the services of an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) to represent vulnerable people once it has been established that they have no appropriate family or friends to represent them.

BEFORE an IMCA is instructed, a relevant professional must hold the belief that the person lacks the mental capacity to process, retain, weigh up and communicate their wishes and beliefs in relation to:

  • Do not attempt resuscitation
  • Serious medical treatment
  • Safeguarding for alleged perpetrator
  • Accommodation move (after Care Act Criteria have been met)

A mental capacity assessment must be carried out in accordance with guidelines stipulated in the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This refers to providing accessible methods of communication to the person concerned e.g. Short phrases or sentences, signs, symbols, interpreter, etc.

Since the introduction of Care Act 2014, there are now instances where a Care Act Advocate is needed instead of, or before an IMCA is instructed.

Care Act referrals are normally made to us using a social worker and though their AIS system. If you are based in a health setting or do not have access to the AIS system to make a Care Act referral, then please call our office on 01384 456 877 for more information, or email for a copy of the referral form.

Please refer to the flow chart for further clarification.

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