ILGA Asia Regional Conference 2017 - Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the 7th ILGA Asia Regional Conference 2017!

ILGA Asia Regional Conference will take place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 4-8 December 2017. This gathering of LGBTI members and other organisations provides a great space to connect, learn, collaborate, coordinate, discuss and agree on future strategies for the Asian LGBTI movement.

Panel discussions, workshops and other discussion spaces  are a fundamental part of it. Experiences, practices and knowledge will be shared to help the international and regional LGBTI movement advance equality and freedom for all human beings, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, bodily diversity and sex characteristics.

We are accepting session proposals from organisations and individuals. Proposals will be reviewed by ILGA Asia Executive Board. If your proposal is accepted, we will provide you with more details about your session.

LGBTI organisations and other partners are strongly encouraged to partner with one another to pool knowledge and expertise.
Session Criteria

Proposals are an opportunity to suggest a topic, format and presenters for an engaging session. Priority will be given to proposals that address:

●      Advance equality and freedoms through an intersectional approach
●      Sharing of best practices for the advancement of LGBTI rights and issues
●      Emerging movements or identified gaps in LGBTI human rights work

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
●      Intersectional advocacy
●      In/visibility of Bisexuality in the LGBTI movement
●      Intersex Human Rights and the Intersex Movement
●      Sexual and reproductive health and rights
●      LGBTI migrants, asylum seekers and refugees
●      Faith and Justice
●      LGBTI Youth Organising
●      Disability rights and the LGBTI movement
●      Capacity-building for LGBTI organisations
●      Economic justice, poverty, and other challenges faced by LGBTI communities

Please use the form below to provide us with more details. Successful proposals will
●      Be relevant to a diverse and broad range of people
●      Be engaging and interactive
●      Include multi-disciplinary perspectives
●      Promote and provide spaces for intersex people, trans people, bisexual people, young people (amongst others)

SUBMISSION: Please fill the form below and send us all the required information by 23:59 Indochina Time (GMT+7) on 23 July 2017.

Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be considered.  If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified by 14 August 2017.
Any question should be directed to

ILGA Asia and RoCK are looking forward to seeing you in Phnom Penh this December!