Important Information

This survey is for capital providers looking to join the Food Waste Funder Circle and fund food waste initiatives. If you're a solution provider who wants to share your fundraising needs with the membership, please fill out this survey instead.
Thank you for your interest in joining the Food Waste Funder Circle, co-founded by ReFED and the Upcycled Food Association. 

The Food Waste Funder Circle (FWFC) advances the ecosystem required to reduce food waste by creating a platform for capital provider education, collaboration, and investment. 

The FWFC is for private investors and public and philanthropic funders interested in using their capital to target food waste challenges -- it is free to join and open to individual investors and representatives from small family offices, foundations, VC and PE firms, and more. 

Participating members will learn about opportunities to fund solutions to food waste through newsletters, events, and deal flow reporting, and connecting with other like-minded investors. 

Here are a few things to note before you get started:
  • Please note that the information you provide in this form will not be shared publicly unless you consent to do so in the designated sections.
  • This is a 29-question long questionnaire that collects helpful information for us to cater programming to you and connect you to the right funding opportunities.
  • Once you complete this sign-up form, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully joined the FWFC.
Membership Details:
All FWFC members receive the following for free:
  • Newsletters highlighting industry updates, trends and insights, and events
  • Monthly Deal Flow Reports, which lists active funding opportunities in the sector
  • Educational events with like-minded funders from across the capital spectrum
  • Access to regular pitch events, non-profit showcases, and a repository of recorded pitch and showcase events and company profiles where you’ll hear from impactful food waste solution providers that are seeking funding to grow scalable and effective technologies and services in the sector
  • Opportunities to participate in networking sessions with other FWFC members
  • Access to Office Hour sessions with ReFED and/or its program partners
Please email if you have any questions regarding this survey or the FWFC.