Dear ESR member,

The ESR Board of Directors proposes a survey to explore the opinions of the ESR full radiologist members concerning their perceptions of the current identity and role of the radiologist. 

Two basic principles can be agreed:

1. The radiologist is and will remain the responsible medical professional with regards to medical imaging diagnostics and interventional procedures performed under the auspices of radiology departments. 

2. Excellence in patient care and patient safety are central to our role. 

Accepting these over-arching principles, we recognise that our profession evolves as technology and healthcare evolve, giving us opportunities, as well as perhaps raising concerns in relation to our role in patient care.

Here we explore our relationship and communications with professional colleagues and patients. This may change significantly as we move into the world of instant messaging, patient portals and patient involvement.

The interaction with clinical colleagues may be challenged in relation to turf battles and whether we see ourselves (and are seen) as technicians or as clinicians. Imaging and imaging-guided procedures are integral to medical education, research and healthcare management. What is our role in these important areas to ensure the development of high-quality services and care?

Delegation of some aspects of work to allied healthcare professionals has become part of teamwork and radiology is not immune. What are radiologists’ opinions concerning skill mix in radiology?

This survey attempts to explore radiologists’ opinions in relation to their identity with four main sections:

1.    About you, your clinical role and your training.
2.    About your role in patient and professional relationships.
3.    About your role in education, research and management.
4.    About delegation: what happens in your department and what is your opinion?

This is an in-depth survey and as such we understand it is somewhat longer, but seeing the importance of this topic, we kindly ask you to please take the time and provide us with your valuable input. The survey should take approximately 25-30 minutes and its results will be discussed during the ESR National Societies Committee meeting which will be held at the ECR 2020.

In order to express our appreciation for your support, we will offer 10 free registrations to ECR 2020 in a prize draw.

The winners will be selected randomly among those who completed the survey (at least mandatory sections).

Many thanks for your help!

Kind regards,
Andrea Rockall
Chairperson of the ESR National Societies Committee

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