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NPAIHB and IHS-PAO are collaborating to collect and report Portland Area COVID-19 data via this survey, to ensure an accurate picture of the needs of Tribes and Urban Indian Health Programs in the Northwest.

This survey has been redesigned to collect the following COVID-19 related data and information:

  • Testing data
  • Patient status (additional known community positives, hospitalizations, and any who are deceased)
  • Vaccine administration - NEW
  • Link to a separate brief survey on contact tracing and case investigation - NEW (click here or find the link at the end of this survey)

If you need to report for multiple past days/weeks that you may have missed, please complete the survey for a single day or week, and then use the main link to restart the survey from the beginning - it will also appear as a clickable link at the end of the survey.

We are no longer tracking PPE supply status or staffing exposure/cases, but if you need any assistance with these or with testing, contact tracing/case investigation, re-opening, epidemiology/data, or other COVID-19 issues, please notify NWTEC staff at NPAIHB using this online form

If you have any questions about the survey or need help, please email

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