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www.nbmca.ca is getting an overhaul and a facelift!  

We want it to be a user friendly place where you can find the information you need, whether you're exploring a conservation area, installing a septic system, building near a watercourse, planting your shoreline, researching scientific data about your watershed, paddling in our canoe race or making a donation to support stewardship, education and conservation.

Tell us how we can help you!

This survey will be open until July 31, 2017.

Questions?  Please contact Sue Buckle, Supervisor Communications and Outreach. 705 474-5420 ext 2010 or email sue.buckle@nbmca.ca


* 1. How often have you visited www.nbmca.ca in the past month?

* 2. What information would you like to find on the NBMCA website?

* 3. What features would help make the website more "user friendly"?

* 4. Any other suggestions/comments?

* 5. If NBMCA needs clarification or more information may we contact you?  If yes, please include your name and contact information.  Thanks!

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