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Your Opportunity to Help Shape Mount Isa's Economic Future

Mount Isa City Council has commissioned consultants SC Lennon & Associates to prepare the City’s new economic development strategy. The strategy will provide a plan of action to help Council and its partners capture, nurture and support economic growth by providing a sound pathway to prosperity for the City’s residents and businesses.

As a business-owner/manager and/or resident, we would appreciate your answers to five questions contained in our short survey. The survey should take around five minutes to complete. Please click 'OK' to begin.

Question Title

* 1. From the list below, please rate on a scale from 1 (significant challenge) to 5 (great strength), Mount Isa's economic strengths and challenges.

  1. Significant Challenge 2. Challenge 3. Neither Challenge nor Strength 4. Strength 5. Great Strength
Our location and lifestyle
Our people
Availability of housing – urban residential
Availability of housing – rural residential
Land tenure - Native Title
Community appearance  - city centre, main streets, community spaces
Natural features and landscape
Sport and recreation facilities 
Arts and cultural facilities
Retail trading hours
The mining sector
The agricultural sector
The manufacturing sector
The construction sector
Tourism offer (attractions)
The capabilities of our small and medium sized businesses
Industrial land - location, price, availability/suitability  
Road transport infrastructure
Rail transport infrastructure
Air transport infrastructure / services
Power supply / energy
Water infrastructure
Communications infrastructure (phone and Internet coverage)
Local workforce skills and capabilities
Availability of local jobs
Health care
Child care
Education and training services 
Employment services 
Other (please type your answers in the space provided)  

Question Title

* 2. Investment is fundamental to economic development. With this in mind, what do you believe are the barriers to business investment in Mount Isa, if any? (Please tick all that apply)?

Question Title

* 3. What do you believe is needed to support the growth of local businesses and attract new business investment to Mount Isa? (Please tick all that apply)?

Question Title

* 4. On a scale from 1 (not at all important) to 5 (very important), please rate how important it is to you that Mount Isa City Council focus on the following topics to support economic development.

  1. Not at all important 2. 3. 4. 5. Very important
Improving visual amenity across the City 
Land use planning and development approvals to facilitate investment and development
Providing the necessary infrastructure required to support new development 
Industry / investment attraction
Small to medium (SME) business support programs
Advocacy / lobbying State and Federal Governments on key issues
Advocacy / lobbying major industry on key issues
Sourcing State and Federal Government funding (e.g. Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility funding) for major projects
Providing local social services and facilities including childcare services
Youth employment support / training programs (e.g. apprenticeship hub)
Providing sport and recreational services and facilities
Providing local arts and cultural services and facilities
Promotion of Mount Isa as a place to live, work and play
Promotion of Mount Isa as a place to visit (tourism promotion)
Organising and promoting festivals and events
Addressing catalyst projects – rehabilitation centre / prison
Addressing catalyst projects – multi-cultural employment processing facility
Stewardship of the environment and natural assets 

Question Title

* 5. If you could identify just two essential investment attraction / economic development projects or initiatives that should be implemented in Mount Isa /  the region– irrespective of cost, scale or constraints – what would these be? Think big, bold and creatively! (Please type your answers in the space provided).

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Please click 'Finished' and you're done.
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