Welcome to the 2017 Lewisham Awards
For the 15th year, Auckland's outstanding hospitality staff will be officially recognised by their peers - at the 2017 Lewisham Awards.

The Awards are named in honour of colourful hospitality entrepreneur Richard Lewisham who helped establish the modern day eating and drinking scene in the 'City of Sails'.

At a night to reconise the Colours of the World and the diversity of cultures within the Hospitality Industry. The current cream of the crop in Auckland's hospitality industry will be honoured for their outstanding commitment to this exciting and vibrant this exciting diverse city.

Final Voting Information
Final Voting is open to hospitality industry members ONLY – you will be asked to specify your workplace to verify you are an industry member.

Key Dates for Final Voting
  • Final Voting opens from 10.00am on Wednesday, 10 May
  • Final Voting closes at 5.00pm on Sunday, 28 May
How many times can we Vote?
  • Once! Each industry member can fill out one voting form, any further voting forms will be disregarded
  • Establishments can submit a maximum of five voting forms, any further voting forms will be disregarded
  • No individual is entitled to vote for themselves or their establishment they work for in any category
  • Employers may vote for their employees in the 'Emerging Talent' category only
How many categories do I need to vote for?
There is no restriction on the number of categories you need to vote for, but it is preferable for you to vote in 8 or more categories.