Help the Park Slope Food Coop Plan for Re-introducing Member Labor
Member Survey

The success and viability of our Coop depend on member labor to help operate the Coop and reduce overall expenses.

As part of the financial stability and sustainability planning process, the General Coordinators need to understand your ability/willingness to work at the Coop. Even if the work requirement remains suspended, we need to gather information from you to make informed decisions.

The challenges of adapting Coop operations to meet guidelines for social distancing and excellent health and safety practices are like nothing we’ve experienced before as a Coop. As a result, shopping protocols were drastically changed. Member labor protocols will change as well.

This 5-minute survey focuses on 1) your willingness and availability to work, and 2) your current and future shopping plans.

Please help us by taking this survey. Your participation will help create feasible, well-thought-out plans that enable the Coop to welcome back members in a way that provides for the safety of members and paid staff, and returns the Coop to financial stability.
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