Tourism is an important part of the Eyre Peninsula’s economy, supporting over 600 businesses and directly employing approximately 2,000 full time jobs across the region's local communities. 

Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) are the custodians of supporting the visitor economy across the Eyre Peninsula through strategic marketing and management activities to drive sustainable growth of the local economy in harmony with our region's communities, socio-cultural and environmental priorities.

At RDAEP, we have two projects underway to help grow a sustainable visitor economy in coming years.
  • A review of Eyre Peninsula’s competitive positioning  – We are reviewing the stories and language around what makes all parts of Eyre Peninsula such a special place to visit and what it means to be a good visitor.
  • New Destination Marketing Plan – This plan will guide how we will use the Eyre Peninsula positioning to attract the right visitors to the Eyre Peninsula, and ensure the actions we take to attract visitors and how they are managed are reflective of the needs of our EP communities and environment.
As a community member and/or a tourism business, your perspective about the visitor economy are very important, and as such, we invite you to share your ideas on how you'd like the visitor economy to support your community and livelihood.

Your feedback will provide valuable insights and guidance for both projects.

Please allow around 20 minutes to complete the survey and note there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Whilst you can complete the survey on a mobile device, it is easier to complete the survey on a desktop computer.

If you have any trouble completing the survey, or like to share any feedback in confidence, please contact Rebecca White and Paige Rowett from Tourism eSchool via email

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

Annabelle Hender
Tourism Development Manager – Eyre Peninsula
Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula Inc. (RDAEP)
Ph:  08 8682 6028
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